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  1. It is difficult to make a system that does everything. Why start from scratch on something, when opensource gives you a platform for you to build on. What I am talking about is this little opensource tool I found a minute ago, which amoung things, is very impressive. It is piwik.org. I'm not sure how useful it is for you, but maybe some of what it can do, can then be tied into what you guys are aiming to do. Good luck.
  2. I think this should be modified as a feature. It should be smart enough to resize itself, plus have the ability to change image size.
  3. I was wondering if this is a bug, but when you search for Prestashop themes in google, you get a whole bunch of prestashop /themes/ dir. It isn't that it is bad, but annoying when you are trying to find themes. Is it a known thing, or is it based on user mess-ups?
  4. It reminds me or playing mario. Very colourful
  5. Holy crap they all look fantastic. Do you plan on releasing any themes or selling your service for other prestashop fans?
  6. I can't speak french, but on behalf of the english speaking part of the forum, fantastic work and keep it up . Je vous remercie.
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