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  1. I am sorry I dont understand. Is that a yes or no? I need to choose from those 2 options
  2. Ok, I read all about it. I just have one question. Is it better to create products, cats and all settings for 1 shop and then turn Multistore on and copy all to another store? Then just edit prices for Wholesale and it is done. Or is it better to turn Multistore on before adding anything to PS. I think, 1st option is better.
  3. I found out I can make all these weight / price filters so I made filters like this 0-15, 15-25, 25-40, 40-55, 55-65 etc. It is really great how customizable this is. Almost all things are possible with PS. But I can think of one improvement for carriers management - create filters based on weight and price, not just one of them.
  4. I set my memory limit from 48 to 256 and it is ok now. But before I found out my hosting allows me to set memory limit I disabled displaying "must have modules" in classes/modules/Module.php and it started working on 48mb memory limit just fine. Can I keep it disabled? Why would I want to display not bought modules in BO. If I want a module I go to modules store..
  5. Hi, when I open Modules page on it says [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module smarty_internal_compile_private_modifier: Allowed memory size of 50331648 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 122880 bytes) Thats not really common to need to much memory. Is there any workaround for this? I think it should be considered a bug and optimize the page to work on general shared hostings. Thanks
  6. It makes sense.. Ok so I am reading this docs http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS15/Managing+Multiple+Shops , is there any other resource which I should read before setting up new PS with multistore? Is it better to put 2 stores, for wholesale and for customers, to 1 shop group or to 2 groups? Can I insert all products (cca 1000) only to 1 store and then copy them to another store and just adjust prices?
  7. Hi, my shipping carrier takes max 50kg package. If I set max height in carries settings to 50kg, it wont enable users to choose this carrier. It would be better if it simply doubles the cost for shipping and I will send it in 2 packages. Is something like that possible. Thanks
  8. I found out another way, let me know if it is good idea: I can use Pre-tax retail price for end customers and then I can create rule for Specific prices. There I can choose Wholesale users group, no date, from 1 unit and set new Product price (tax excl.) Multishop seems too difficult for just this.
  9. Well thats a way but I dont want to set the fixed price reduction for all products. I want to set that Product1 costs 10 for customers and 8 for wholesale but Product2 costs 5 for customers and 1 for wholesale.
  10. Hi, I sale products to customers but also for companies (wholesale). What is the best option to do this? I see there is a B2B mode. If I turn it on, will it consider all customers as companies, because I dont want that. I want to have different prices for end custommers and wholesale prices. Thanks
  11. I am web programmer, I work with php for yeas but not with PS thats why I am searching for some module which solves this easily or some hints how can I do it myself. I ask them if I have access to DB, dont know yet. It is not my eshop but my fathers, I dont know why he chose such a bad eshop service but I want to help them switch to PS now.
  12. It is small eshop for Slovak republic only. I know about cart2cart but it is not available there. Therefor I want to do it myself, just to import names and email and let them insert their passwords at first login. Or at least generate passwords for them and sent them on emails with message that I have new eshop and here are their new randomly generated passwords.
  13. Hi, I have been using biznisweb.sk for several years but I want to start using PS1.6. I have 1700 customers and I dont want them to have to register again. I guess, passwords will be hashed using different algorithm and most of data will be in different formats, so I dont think I will be able to properly move customers to PS. I think the best idea would be to import customers names and emails and let them create their password at first login. This way they wont have to register again even though they will have to insert all their personal dat (adress etc) but it does not matter.. Is there any module for this? Thanks
  14. Tak som sa rozhodol ze kupim ten tvoj preklad, ale kamarat mi napisal, ze aj tak ked zmenim vzhlad, tak ho budem musiet prekladat. Co ma vzhlad s prekladom? Nemal by vzhlad vyuzivat uz hotovy preklad?
  15. Ahoj, diky za odpoved. Plateny preklad zvazim, ked bude eshop naplneny a slovensky preklad sa nezlepsi. Ako je to s tym ceskym prekladom? Ako je mozne, ze je na 96% hotovy a pritom vacsina BO je anglicky?
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