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  1. Strike that Rosemarie, I figured it out! You need to edit the "settings.inc.php" file, which is in your "config" folder. On the first line you should have an instruction that defines "__PS_BASE_URI__" - you need to change this to "/" from whatever you've got at the moment. Good luck!
  2. Hi Rosemarie, I'm afraid I can't help you, but I am having a similar problem. I had my installation in a temporary folder on my web server and have now moved it to the root directory in order to "go live." Unfortunately, the login function for the admin area no longer works, so I cannot edit the field that specifies the Prestashop directory. I have been searching through the configuration files, but so far without luck. Hopefully someone can help us...
  3. Hi everyone, I'm still having terrible trouble trying to customise the layout of addresses on my invoices. I have tried editing the PDF.php file, and have managed to get the shop address displaying correctly in the footer, but I cannot get customer addresses to work! If someone can please help it would be absolutely fantastic! This is the only thing that is keeping my shop closed at the moment...
  4. That worked! Thanks very much Jojje Sorry I can be a bit daft - I was looking in the wrong spot!
  5. Thanks Jojje. Unfortunately the options available to me under the Payment tab don't include anything to do with bank wire... I only have options to set the default currency and its format, and to set up taxes and vouchers. I can't find anything under the Localization preferences or under the configuration for the Bank wire module either...
  6. Hi Vallverd, that module looks good, but it's so expensive! Surely there is an easier way to make these adjustments without having to shell out so much money... In the meantime I'll have to look at customising the PDF.php text as per Rocky's suggestions
  7. Hello? I am still having problems with both customising page titles and with getting addresses to format correctly... I would be most grateful for any assistance!
  8. Hi jhuntra, I am having the same problem! I have both Bank wire and Paypal modules installed, but when the customer goes to pay, only the Paypal option shows up... Any help out there would be greatly appreciated
  9. Hi everyone, I am just wondering if there is a way to have different records set up in Prestashop for your shop name and page titles. At the moment, I am setting my shop name via "Preferences >> Contact" to include a short blurb, but I don't want this to show up on invoices and things. What I mean, is I want "Mammas Godis Pty Ltd - Swedish lollies down under" to show up in my page titles, but on invoices and things I only want "Mammas Godis Pty Ltd." Can anyone suggest the easiest way to achieve this? Incidentally, I also want to edit the way Prestashop treats addresses (see my comment on this post). Again, any suggestions would be gratefully received Thanks, Christian
  10. Thanks everyone, that translation tool is very useful! Can anyone clarify for me the best way to deal with address layout issues? In Australia, for example, addresses should be: 1 Something St City, State, 1234 Australia At the moment, my Prestashop installation formats addresses as follows: 1 Something St 1234 City Australia - State Obviously this is not correct! Any ideas on how to amend this (ideally without having to edit code) would be greatly appreciated. Christian
  11. Hi John, I'm in the same boat as you - it seems a bit ridiculous to have to go through a list of 244 countries, disabling each one individually! Any advice that you (or anyone else) might have would be most helpful Christian
  12. Hello, I seem to be having these same problems, except when I try to delete a selection of states/zones, or to navigate to the next page of states/zones/countries, I get an internal server error. My site is hosted with ziphosting.com.au, which is a subsidiary of NetRegistry. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Christian
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