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  1. This looks great, and it seems to work fine on my site, but I am wondering if there is a module that lets you have something similar on the front page. I don't want it on each and every product - just for my website in general...
  2. I figured out my problem... I hadn't selected all the zones under the "taxes" page in the payment settings...
  3. I am having problems with the incorrect calculation of tax on shipping as well - would you be able to share your solution with us? UPDATE: I found the problem (at least on my site) - I hadn't selected all the zones under the taxes section of the payments tab.
  4. I've done this in my shop, and when someone adds something to a basket as a guest, the quote for shipping has tax added on. Unfortunately, when they register and set up an address, or log in with an address already set up, the shipping no longer includes the tax! It's driving me nuts trying to figure it out UPDATE: I figured out my problem... I hadn't selected the different zones under the "tax" tab in the payments section...
  5. Sorry, but your description does not really make sense. Would you be able to clarify exactly what the problem is that you're facing?
  6. Hi Zaur, I'm sorry that I am unable to help, but I too would be interested in the answer. Hopefully someone will have an idea or two for us...
  7. Hello everyone, I have been having some problem with Prestashop and tax on postage, and was hoping that someone could help me. I am in Australia, so have set different zones up for each state, so that I can charge different posotage rates for each state, and I need to ensure that tax (GST) is charged on postage as well. I have also ensured that the carrier has the correct tax scheme selected. Now, when someone goes shopping without logging in, and adds some products to their cart, Prestashop correctly adds tax on to the postage charges. However, once the customer has logged in and has input their address, Prestashop no longer adds tax! How do I fix this? This is obviously a problem because it affects my ability to issue proper tax invoices and to correctly collect GST on the postage charges. Thanks in advance for your help
  8. Has anyone else had this problem? I am still concerned about it, as I am (hopefully) expecting another significant spike in traffic in the next couple of weeks, and obviously don't want my site having problems at that time!
  9. OK, so I've found the setting to indicate that a carrier should incur tax, but I'm still having problems. Even though I have "GST" selected for Australia Post, when I put the carrier prices in (excluding tax, as the page specifically tells me that "Prices are tax excluded"), they are used as inclusive of tax on the front end. That means that even though I have selected "GST" for my carrier, GST is not added on to the shipping charges, nor is it included in the shipping charges on the invoice! Any suggestions?
  10. @ Sylvester (or anyone else who can help!) - how did you fix the tax problem with the postage? I too am having difficulties, because I need to charge GST on my postage costs, but Prestashop only seems to have postage excluding tax! This is obviously a problem when it comes to issuing invoices, because the tax information is incorrect, and when it comes to tax time, it will be a real pain to try and sort out what's what
  11. Hello again Jason... I've discovered that there is an Australia Post module, but it's a bit expensive, so whether or not it is worth it I don' know: http://addons.prestashop.com/en/shipping-logistics/1283-australia-post-by-uti.html I also found the following discussion thread, which might be of interest to you: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/7388/third_party_modules/auspost_integration Good luck! Let us know how you go
  12. Hello! Sorry, but I don't have an answer (hopefully you've figured it out now) but I do have a problem with John Doe showing up. Like you, I deleted that profile early in the piece, but I cannot figure out how to remove it from the stats. It still shows up in registrations, registered customer info, best customers etc... Does anyone know how to remove these entries from the stats?
  13. Hello everybody, The other day, I had a spike in the traffic to my web site (around 300 visitors in one hour), and during that time I kept receiving an "error 400 bad request" when I tried to do things in the back office. It did not occur every time, but often, when I clicked a tab (e.g., orders or customers), I would receive the error. I also checked the front pages of the site to see if the error was occurring there, and although it did not happen as often, it did occur once when I attempted to log out as a customer. Does anyone have any idea what would cause this? Does Prestashop (I am running 1.3.7) have trouble dealing with a spike in traffic like that, or is it more likely to be a problem with the hosting server? I would be enormously grateful for any help
  14. It looks good, but I wonder if your range of products isn't too diverse. How do you market your website when you don't really specialise in anything in particular?
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