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  1. Thank you, you're probably on to something. Nothing changed when I emptied "custom.js" but when I did the same to "theme.js" the little up-and-down-arrows disappeared. It's in the theme. Switched to classic and the arrows worked. My theme doesn't support version of Prestashop so I guess I'm out of luck.
  2. However there seems to be some logic to the phenomenon, image and name of the item switches to image and name of another item within the same category. The name and image matches.
  3. When adding products at the product page (using the little quantity arrows) the name and prize of the product changes. The right products at the right price gets added to the cart but on the product page displays the name and price of another product. Running version (but this behaviour has been following since previous versions, could it have something to do with the database partially following from version 1.6?). First picture, all fine and dandy. Second picture, notice that the picture and the price changes. The url is still the same.
  4. Happens to me to, Prestashop 1.7.3. I get an e-mail from the payment provider and it shows up as a number at the top right corner of Prestashop Back Office and clicking that number will take you to the order (once). However, the order can not be seen in the order list. It can be seen if you cycle through orders though but it does not have a name or address, just an e-mail (good think I can find the address and name through the payment provider's interface).
  5. I really wish there was a setting in the back-office that I tampered with that caused this problem but no. I really wish 1.7 would behave as 1.6 did and simply didn't allow out of stock products to be ordered but no. We recently went from 1.7.2 to 1.7.3 and we not put our hopes to that this issue should have been worked out. So far, there has been no out-of-stock products ordered and I hope this has been solved but I don't dare to promise that is has with the 1.7.3 version.
  6. Tanks alot. Switch to default theme before upgrade. Worked like a charm ( to
  7. Getting an internal server error.
  8. No, I thought I had found a way by moving anything out of stock to an out-of-stock-category plus other settings as rigid as I could find but I still get orders for items that have stock of 0 (and now below 0 which I did not think was possible with the settings I have). This makes me look sloppy. Also, I really don't understand what happens when the customer manages to get the status "On backorder (paid)". So, no solution at all so far. I suspect that it has something to do with a customer starting a cart, not making an order. Time passing and items run out of stock. The customer comes back and places the order. Prestashop, despite all the settings I've made, gladly accepts the order even though some items now are out of stock.
  9. One would think so, right? But I've run out of ideas of where to find such a configuration. Stock management enabled and not allowed to order out-of-stock products. In orders that are affected, the product quantity goes to minus, so instead of stopping at 0, Prestashop allows the quantity to go to -1, -2, etc. Strange thing is that this only started after switching to 1.7, never happened in 1.5 or 1.6.
  10. Since switching to 1.7 customers have occasionally been able to order more items than currently in stock even though the store is set not to accept orders on items out of stock. This did never happen with previous versions of Prestashop and I wonder if there is anything I can do about it. I do not want customers to be able to order more items than that there is in stock. See attached image that, for some reason, our payment provider (Payson) seems to have been to have been involved twice.
  11. However it seems like there now is a Watermark module if you navigate to Modules and search for "watermark" in your back-office you'll get a hit on Prestashop's free Watermark module that seems to be working. Too bad I just bought a third party module.
  12. Is it really no watermark module in Prestashop 1.7? According to what I can find Prestashop just acts like it's already there (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1W6073P3QetKUQbr4qVQBOIj-EZURsNjdX7o2I0HpXKg/edit#gid=995399833) but I really cant find it anywhere. Does anyone know if it could be downloaded somewhere or if it's coming soon or if we all just have to agree not to talk about this module anymore?
  13. What about exporting as CSV, editing in Excel or equivalent and then importing to the new store? You could change the ";":s and the ",":s to something else with find and replace before import.
  14. I have the same problem. It may have something to do with the one page checkout because the duplicate order problem disappeared (at least for some time) after switching to the five step check out (saving) and back to one page checkout (and saving again).
  15. Wonderful, thank you so much. A switch from "null" to "false" in ps_configuration, PS_COMBINATION_FEATURE_ACTIVE totally saved the day.
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