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  1. Hello, Many community members and gurus have mentioned that we (merchants) should refrain from using earlier 1.7 versions since there are much work that needs to take place to make it market-ready. My question is... Is it time to move from v1.6.x to v1.7.1.1???? Please answer why you responded the way you did. Thank you for your help.
  2. EDIT : I removed the DEMO and DOWNLOAD link based on the responses that I received and forum rules. Thank you endriu107 and selectshop.at for your help. I will mark this topic as solved.
  3. What happened to the free PrestaShop theme: EASINESS that was offered by: PrestaPassion (Neil Trinh)? The post is no longer available in the forum: Here is the old post: [Free Theme] Easiness - Free Prestashop theme - Page 3 - Free Modules & Themes - PrestaShop https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/598118-free-theme-easiness-free-prestashop-theme/page-3 EDIT : I removed the DEMO and DOWNLOAD link based on the responses that I received. Thank you endriu107 and selectshop.at for your help. If it was deleted for quality, copyright issues, or any other reason, please let us know. Some of us downloaded this theme and may have used it. Thank you.
  4. RELEASED! Version stable was release March 23rd 2017 https://www.prestashop.com/en/developers-versions/changelog/
  5. Hello, What's is expected after version stable? Should we expect bug fix releases? Are they currently in progress? Any news / info is appreciated. Thanks
  6. Referring to Please excuse me... I had the following issue: After reading books, PrestaShop's docs, posts, articles, and having communicated with my hosting provider, I found this to be the only way to get qualified, first-hand oppinions from experienced folks that have actually conducted the test themselves. I wanted to avoid opinions from those that would post on what they heard or read from somewhere and the information runs the risk of misinforming or being outdated. [i was dissatisfied with my research in the first place.] Again, please excuse me from hinting this in my post. I will refrain from doing it again in the future. Best regards, George
  7. Thank you Vekia, I will use version 5.4.21 as advised. Thank you to everyone else in sharing their experience(s). SOLVED [for PrestaShop I will use PHP version 5.4.21] SOLVED Later, based on my personal findings and conclusion, I will add my feedback to this post before I will mark it as "solved".
  8. Hello to PrestaShop Experts. What is the BEST and most compatible version of PHP that one may select? I am currently using: PHP 5.3.26 (I am in control of using any version up to the latest available) MySQL 5.5.32-cll PrestaShop 1.5.6 (currently, the latest stable release) ONLY EXPERT ADVICE PLEASE (PrestaShop members -OR- only from those who have tested various version and have reached to their conclusion). THANK YOU IN ADVANCE. (note that I have read PrestaShop's suggestion and that of other authors; they have outdated / conflicting information...)
  9. Just finished speaking with my hosting provider... The issue was with the PHP.ini file. They did a sessions-save-path refresh and I am now able to move to the next step. SOLVED Thanks to Mike for his great work
  10. Thank you Mike. I will contact my hosting provider and let you know... Best regards George. PS I will mark this post as [solved] once my site is up and running and an explanation is provided to the community.
  11. Thank you Mike for your quick response. I use Netfirms Business Hosting (their most complete shared hosting). Under their CGI server settings I saw the "yes" indication... INSTALLED PERL MODULES: CGI/Fast.pm Attached is what I can provide. If this is not right, I don't know how to look for it. Best regards, George
  12. I am attempting to install v. (4th attempt) During the install, at the Welcome step, I choose the language (English) and then moved onto the second step System Compatibility. At the System Compatibility step, I accepted the terms of service and clicked on the now turned green "Next" button. I then arrived back at the Welcome step. It always loops back to the Welcome page. I attempted the software installation 4 times. Each time I made a new download of Prestashop and used different extraction software each time. I uploaded prestashop 4 different times using Filezilla. Please help. Attached, you will find screenshots of the System Combatibility step and my Shared Hosting Configuration. Thank you in advance for your help. Best regards, George
  13. Guess what? As of today, version is available for download! Cheers!
  14. Are there any plans to release another 1.4.x version that take into account all of the bug fixes of version If so, when is the new 1.4.x verion expected? At the bug fix site, I found that version 1.4.8.x may be in the works. is it possible? here is the link: http://forge.prestas...3Asummary-panel Thank you in advance for your comments. Best Regards, George UPDATE May 14 2012 as of today, version is available for download!
  15. ***********ATTENTION PRESTASHOP MODERATORS / VISITORS************** PLEASE POST THIS TOPIC IN PAID SERVICES because: THIS DEVELOPER CHARGES A MINIMUM OF 5.50E AS A FIXED DONATION. => PAID SERVICE. 5.50E+ MEANS: -sold at.... but NOT free! -as low as... but NOT free! -pay first... with NO option to decide to donate or get it FREE! -developer is not obliged to provide support... use at own risk... he misstates he is offering this free -FALSE appearance at the "FREE" zone to mislead and get more hits -a loophole for more hits to this post = more money for developer -we can not download and use according to the forum rules -MISREPRESENTATION -UNFAIR to other developers IT DOES NOT MEAN FREE! IT DOES NOT MEAN DEVELOPER COMMITMENT IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT BELONGS IN THIS SECTION (and with the use of "FREE") ------PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT SUCH MISLEADING POSTS---- . HELP US CLEAR THEM OR POST THEM ON THE RIGHT SECTION ---PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A DECENT MODULE SHOULD YOU DECIDE TO BUY---- -----IT IS NOT FREE-----
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