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  1. Hello! Can someone please tell me how to add some image thumbnails in the More Info section of the product page? I know how to generally add images using cms for each product but I would like to have thumbnails on the more info section that would open using thickbox or something else. Please note that I'm not referring to the images that you upload from BO->Catalog->Images. A gallery there would also be nice (although not really important) but every gallery or slider plugin I have managed to find is for the front page. Sorry for my bad english. Thank you!
  2. Imi poate spune cineva cum sa pun pe pagina produsului la sectiunea More Info o insiruire de thunbnailuri care sa se deschida cu thickbox (sau orice altceva)? Mentionez ca stiu cum se pun imagini folosind partea de cms a fiecarui produs si ca doresc doar ca in loc de imagini sa am niste thumburi care sa se deschida individual sau in mod galerie. Spec ca nu suna prea ciudat ce am scris aici Va multumesc anticipat!
  3. Hello all! This is my first post and I am rather new to Prestashop. I don't know if you are still looking for a solution konquer247 but I've encountered what I think it is the same problem as yours, as all of my prices appeared without taxes and I managed to solve it by going to BO - Payement - Taxes where I modified my VAT by checking the Europe region. Hope it helps! Cheers!
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