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  1. When I went to brouse to set up the value and sign theres more then one is that normal or is there only suppose to be one
  2. Hi iv ben reading every one elses comments on the fatal error iv followed the pictures but i dont understand and when i tried to update it nothing has happened im still receiving the fatal error i dont know what to do help
  3. all those other things that Iv showed there you can do it in attributes
  4. I found it with the text All u do is when your adding your product and on the first page you write the details go save ANd continue once you do thatVits should come up with customization you choose how much text fields you wan
  5. I think I might be able to edit it once i can find where it is lol
  6. thank you angora its not the colour picker that I need its the section where the bride can write her name and the groom and have there message written aswell and for it to be sent to me so I can Update it with the attributes can their be an input feild
  7. im just wondering if their is a module like the one im showing in the picture i want to create a invitation website and Iv looked every where im just wondering with the category attributes is that where i can do this affect
  8. Merhaba ben bir davitiye bir site kurmak istiyorum invitationbox.com da moduler cok lazim acaba presta shopunda varmi boyle urunleri girdin zaman degisik seyler var mesela bir invitation tema varsa onlar bir resim eklebilir o davetiyeyi ve yazilari degistirebilirler ornek ben yazi koydusam o davetiyeyi izin veriyor onu degstirmeye lutfen boyle birsey varsa yada yakin birsey lutfen yardim edin
  9. Just wondering where I would find the tpl for specials listed I want to add an image as shown in the picture that Iv uploaded im just wondering if there was a way that I can do that
  10. Just wondering if any one knows how to get rid of the writing which iv marked on the home page
  11. Having trouble editing the writing cant remember how to do it if some one can tell me or direct me it would be much appreciative
  12. Sende orospuluktan iyi anliyorsun Annenin Pezevengi olmussun Burda Annene kufur ettirecegine Gotur Mekanlarda zaten geregini yaparlar ///
  13. HASAN Senin amini gotunu yariyim picin cikardigi adam o kadar gelip yardim ediyor diyecegin bu lafmi amini siktigimin essegi kokusmus hindistan tohumu seni ...
  14. Zaten Orjinal ben bunun Images ve Cssini degistirdim ... GirlsOnly Temayi indirdim kurdum ama kayit ol vs sepet bunlar gozukmuyordu bende Girls Only Images ve css yi orjinalin ustune attim )
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