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  1. a reusit cineva sa modifice blockmanufacturer sa arate logo inloc de text??
  2. the block_bg.gif ... or myaccount.gif is not loading.
  3. not good this code here is in this preview.....
  4. dupa cum ai vazut .. eu inca nu am pus temele in vanzare... si deocamdata nici nu am degand.. ceia ce au facut ei ... este foarte urat. daca nu stiu sa faca 2 - 3 grafice in photoshop sau alte programe asemanatoare ... asta nu se cheama web design
  5. imi pare rau sa-ti spun... dar nu e numai schimbatul culorilor.... uitate mai atent.. cea deschisa .. a mai suferit multe schimbari... http://cumcirculam.dap.ro/shop/
  6. vezi ca e din yahoo profile... nu e de vina modulul..... schimba-ti yahoo profile de pe pagina lor de web.. daca tot nu mere dale un mail cu aceasta problema. asa am fost si eu si acu s-a rezolvat
  7. this flash clock... its read your computer clock........
  8. no... no.... it's not work in FF.... test if u not belive me
  9. it.s work fine in IE.... but in FF "your name" and"your e-mail" not show see the images
  10. sigur este de la hosu tau ... nu de la ps
  11. why to PRICE row is $???? I want the default price, if is posibile
  12. care se pricepe sa modifice factura fiscala... sa arate exact ca o factura fiscala ???
  13. yes...with Quick post Refund payment (post transfer)...etc
  14. Why ... for Downloadable Products is alvabile only paypal and google checkout module. why i can't pay with Bank Wire or Cheque or Cash on delivery module????
  15. this module works great... i want something.... the image shadow is to up.... how to get a little bit down
  16. i just added "Black" atribute... in "Color" atribute grup and the box with black color not showing?? what is the problem??? i added "White"atribute.. and the box is black.... i have change in DB ps_atribute color and is ok...
  17. there is some a little problem... the background picture .. like bloack_bg_myaccount.gif is not show try 1 theme with backround picture first picture is with default blocmyaccount module
  18. http://cumcirculam.dap.ro/shop/ this is the good link....
  19. i'm using xamp / winxp... and i have some problem with my subdomains i can view the site....
  20. http://shop.thedreamers.idle.ro/ its a test portal... is online before 18.00
  21. i found the problem... the probem is under atribute tab on products
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