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  1. Hi Can you tell me how to change the numbers of product in homefeatrured, because it's still 8 products and i want 9 products. in preferinces is changed. TKS
  2. Phone numbers are stored in the table ps_adress - phone & phone_mobile. Even if you use different addresses. Addresses are not important. I am interested to find quickly the client
  3. I want to use this filter to view customer history.The site will be used only one address and in one country do not think I can handle it following the tutorial. A little help?
  4. Hello I would like, if possible, to add a new field to the back office client filter, search by phone number. TKS
  5. I am interested in this idea. Rather than list price to be written "DONATE". And the price to be entered by the user before being added to shopping cart
  6. hi I have a question. command can be saved in a file. 'txt 'csv etc. for cash register?
  7. manufactures page is empty. He says No manufacturers. the block is active this is the manufactures page link http://www.sistemfiscal.ro/producatori
  8. i have same problem http://www.sistemfiscal.ro/producatori
  9. desable geolocation first. I had the same problem. I got it from a previous backup db
  10. hy i have some problem with my customer service email Trimis pe: 13 Tue-Aug-2013 Navigator: Subiect: ID subiect: 10 ID mesaj: 10 Mesaj: --f46d0444e979e6718904e32dbc88 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1 Cu stima, George Stoica --f46d0444e979e6718904e32dbc88 Content-Type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1 Cu stima, George Stoica --f46d0444e979e6718904e32dbc88-- That is my receved message
  11. is the default template.. (its a little modified) the link is http://www.sistemfiscal.ro but now is on mentenance next week i open the site
  12. is not an error The category image is not lineup (this is my error )
  13. Why should I change in this file (homecategories.php) to arrange alphabetically?? AND cg.`id_group` = '.$id_group.' ORDER BY `name` DESC, c.`position` DESC'); $category = new Category(1); line 52-54 ascending not descending if code instead AND cg.`id_group` = '.$id_group.' ORDER BY `name` ASC, c.`position` ASC'); $category = new Category(1); i'm having this error
  14. The problem is the database and not in files I made a backup with an older database And now I can add products to shopping cart. Where is the problem?
  15. yes I think yesterday is not working (or so I've noticed) only changes have been to thema (css file) and availability time coockie
  16. this is another error Array ( [DELETE FROM `ps_customization` WHERE `id_cart` NOT IN (SELECT `id_cart` FROM `ps_cart`)] => 1 [DELETE FROM `ps_customized_data` WHERE `id_customization` NOT IN (SELECT `id_customization` FROM `ps_customization`)] => 2 ) this is not an error... now is working !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. not currently is localhost and will soon be up on server
  18. /* Debug only */ define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true); if (_PS_MODE_DEV_) { @ini_set('display_errors', 'on'); define('_PS_DEBUG_SQL_', true); /* Compatibility warning */ define('_PS_DISPLAY_COMPATIBILITY_WARNING_', true); } no errors problem be I transplant the shopping cart block?
  19. Hi I have a problem and adding products to cart. Click Add to cart, the image goes to the shopping cart, but nothing happens. Shopping cart reads "empty cart" do not use the paypall module tks
  20. yes you are right ... but if it is accompanied by a product in your shopping cart happens the same thing ..
  21. to clear the error :: addCSS in homefeatured.php search Tools::addCSS(($this->_path).'homecategories.css', 'all'); } change to: $this->context->controller->addCSS($this->_path.'homecategories.css'); }
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