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  1. Will this wipe out everything I have done over the last week, categories and such, I have hundreds
  2. Looks like mods from each theme merged into the front page. If I switch back to the default theme, the last theme mods are still there. If you send my your IP you can see what I mean
  3. I am running 1.4.9 version. I installed 2 free themes from Prestashop Addons, prestashop_alt & prestashop_new. My fault I did not look at the compatibilities for each and now my front end is all messed up. I tried to activate the default theme and it is not working correctly. Is there a way to reset themes to installed default theme? Basically I was looking for the menu bar and footer for my site. Thanks
  4. Main Category 1 Manufacturer Names (no picture, 3 columns, list style text names) Pattern Names (no changes) Pattern Page (no changes) Product Page (no changes) Main Category 2 Same layout Main Category 3 Main Category 4 Looking to redesign the first main category pages with no picture, 3 columns, list style text names like http://www.heirloomschina.ca/index.php?cPath=1 Using 1.4.17, standard template Bob H
  5. Solved - In /admindirectory/tabs/AdminProduct.php, go to line 2609, there you can change size="55" of meta_title for example to size="70", etc… Thanks to Fabien
  6. Looking for help in editing the text box size in the SEO section of the product page, 30 - 35 text characters is not long enough to check edits in PrestaShop 1.4 - RC4 File name and line section would be great. I would like to edit section to: Meta title: ( 1 line, 66 characters) Meta title: ( 3 lines, 50 each total 150 characters) Meta keywords: ( 3 lines, 60 each, total 180 characters ) Friendly URL: ( 1 line, 70 characters) also, anyone know how to collapse the "Default category: tree" on the same page, I will have hundreds if not thousands of sub-categories and the there is already a drop down menu. A down clickable tree structure would be better. TIA CT Bob Edit: I added a picture just in case.
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