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  1. posted a solution in modules sub-forum if anybody needed it as much as I had check it out over here http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/11496/
  2. didn't know where to put it so here it is... Goal: enable full functionality of image crop provided by http://deepliquid.com/content/Jcrop.html used in PrestaShop admin panel. Required changes: - upload of missing js/css/gif files from Jcrop plug-in available from Jcrop website download to /js/cropper/ folder (check your firebug NET tab to see which files are missing) - changes in /[admin folder]/tabs/AdminImageResize.php (see attachment #1) - changes in /images.inc.php (see attachment #2) - changes in /js/cropper/loader.js (see attachment #3) What was changed - altered all the files to make full use of both the Jcrop and imagecopyresampled PHP GD function used to resize images Result: - fully functional automatic crop working as it used to + fully functional manual crop with scaling with preserved ratio - can both scale down the image if selected area is bigger then the output area or scale up if selected area is smaller then the output area (watch out for quality if doing so!) Warning! - because of the nature of the plugin to 'save' the cropped coords/dimensions you have to click the cropped area as sliding doesn't update the values used by function if anybody would have had any troubles applying this patch feel free to poke me for help Hope more people will find it useful! best regards and keep up the great job loader.js images.inc.php AdminImageResize.php
  3. Was digging some more and found out that the cropper used in Presta is quite capable - dunno why it's functionalit is crippled (oryginal demo page for this plugin http://www.defusion.org.uk/demos/060519/cropper.php?demoType=ratioFourThree&image=castle&formSubmit=Load+demo) and was wondering if it is only my issue or is was it done on purpose? Apart of that I've noticed that you are mixing many different javascript libraries, wouldn't be it easier for compatibility and stability to choose just one? jQuery would have been my choice back to diggin in hope I'll manage to fix it regards
  4. Hey there, Hello to the community as it is my first post. We are about to start our new shop and decided to give PrestaShop a go, and everything was going smooth untill we've stumbled upon a little problem. Design of our store relies purely on the product images and it's critical for us that each picture can be cropped and scaled for each of the picture sizes used. In spite of all the great job you've done here the manual image cropping plugin used in the control panel seems like a joke looks like a beta of a beta. Lack of possibility of scaling the image kills the usability of it. What I'm looking for and was wondering if maybe someone played with this already and by any chances managed to replace this cropping plugin with Deep Liquid's http://deepliquid.com/content/Jcrop.html, which I believe to be ultimate cropping machine . Used it in one of my projects though I'm more of front-end developer and can't figure out how to/where to alter the appropriate classes/functions/modules in PrestaShop back-end to accept more data (x1,y1,x2,y2,scaleToWidth,scaleToHeight). First 4 params are obvious and the last two would either scale up or down the image depending on if the scaleToWidth/Height is smaller then the delta x1/x2 and delta y1,y2 accordingly. If nobody have done that yet I'd be grateful for help with finding where to alter the PHP to accept this data and dunno, maybe use PHP GD imagecopyresized(); Will be glad for any help, friend who is more into PHP/backend is coming to visit me on this thursday and we'll fix it if I won't come with anything sooner so regardless of how much we'll manage to do till then I hope to share this with the Presta community as soon as it's confirmed to work flawlessly! regards and keep up the great work Thomas DTP (PS. wait to see our project, sexiest (literally!) shop on presta till date! ) )
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