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  1. If u want cart back - just comment or delete line 31 in header.tpl in prestashop/themes/yourtheme/ directory.
  2. My friend show me his idea and it works. Backup modyfied files first!! 1. download and unzip files.zip 2. file remove-addtocart-button.js add to prestashop/js/ directory 3. header.tpl add to prestashop/themes/yourtheme/ directory Its working. Check http://relaxdotstyle.com if u wanna see this in real files.zip
  3. To Nakano: Prestashop is nice script. We all know that if we use it we can do faster our job as developers, programmers or .... If the footer is to much for u just pay some grand for Prestashop Team and it will be ok (They do part of your job). U can save your honour that way. That is my opinion Sorry for my poor english
  4. Nice, but: 1. i just want to hide add to cart button and dont want spanish into in english shop 2. its not working properly - some products got spanish info and some still display add to cart button Where can i change this? Could u help me?
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