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  1. Having same problem also, looking forward to hear from team members. I upgraded to latest version
  2. date_default_timezone_set(‘Europe/Paris’); under preferences page does work The problem is when i set up my own timezone (america/costa rica) When i change the country, online visitors stop working. It does work with date_default_timezone_set(‘Europe/Paris’); For some reason, on my current location, it doesn't Maybe this can help for other users, at least you can get real stats, but with a different time zone Is there any way in which real location can display exact time? Thanks
  3. Having same problem under America/Costa Rica No idea how to fix this
  4. Is this the fix for such problem? Please advise
  5. I am having this same problem, apparently if there are no products under such manufacturer, same sql error is thrown. Any potential fix? Thanks
  6. Thanks, posted on those threads, maybe they have a solution that can be shared with the community
  7. Having same problem here; If you guys find a solution for this problem, please let me know. Thanks
  8. Si vous des types trouvez une solution pour ce problème, faites-le moi savoir. Merci (désolés pour mon Français, est terrible)
  9. Hello guys, i was wondering if anyone has the same problem? Please advise, no idea why this is showing and how to fix it. Thanks
  10. Hello and good afternoon; I've been getting the following error once my site is "clicked" from a search engine: Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in /home/mallvirt/public_html/modules/sekeywords/sekeywords.php on line 146 Can please anyone help on resolving this issue? No idea what may be causing this :-( I am using prestashop version Version Thanks!
  11. I Think once another user helps on fixing this problem, several stores, at least the ones hosted @ godaddy wont have this big issue regarding orders messaging...
  12. Having this exact same problem, hosted @ godaddy. Is there any way i can modify all "From field" addresses to match my domain? This way i wont be spoofing email addresses and blocked by godaddy? Thanks
  13. Hello, i would like to know how can i set up prestashop in order for me to get a copy of all emails sent from the website to my clients? Basically cc: me On every single email, not only receiving confirmation on payments and such (which is already made on current version) but get a copy of every single email sent to my clients. My best regards to all of you, you guys are the best
  14. Option in English called "Transplant a module"
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