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  1. yes, iw turned that ON becouse i dont know how to make it work properly.
  2. Pozdrav. Simpa je napravljen blok katakog, sam si to slozio ili ga ima negdje za skinuti? _________________________________________________________________ Hello, I like that Catalogue block, did you edited yourself or downloaded from somewhere?
  3. damn, iw downloaded and tryed localy and it also not working. iw changed from /shop/ to just / and it dont work! what else could be wrong??? I just dont get it... i acts as it MUST be inside of some directory in public_html folder, otherwise it wont work!?
  4. hmmm... ill try transfer once again, maybe i missed something.
  5. Do i need to change paths in some other files aswell? ..or in database? Maybe it would be easier to just somehow redirect? but, how to do that?
  6. I just want to change it from http://www.shop.com/shop'>http://www.shop.com/shop to http://www.shop.com But i must be missing something becouse nothing seems to work. i constantly get http 500 internal server error.
  7. Can someone help? I would like to move mine shop from folder /shop/ to main www site. I'w copied all the files but i can't acess it there. I'w tryed to edit settings.inc.php by erasing /shop/ in: define('__PS_BASE_URI__', '/shop/'); but it don't works!
  8. So, does anyone has a working version for presta 1105?
  9. These guyz simply order this on getafreelancer and resell it as their own. For something that wont have any upgrades in the future, if it cost like 30-50$ and it records employee who created order for customer (so i can track its productivity) than i would maybe consider paying for it.
  10. Can you guyz advice me on what to put in meta informations in order to get better rankings? per shop it self and per certain individual product (eg. ACER eMachines EZ160 - 99.FXDTZ.214)?
  11. That means that you dont have ID and presta automaticaly creates new one. Simply set ID in your csv and your good to go. just remember that everything needs to have ID - if you dont provide it, Presta will.
  12. Bruno, dont you have anything smarter to do than to dig up more than a year old post?
  13. well i will do it anyway... I am just looking for some help on how to do it the easier way...
  14. Can you tell me what is the best/easiest way to edit eg. order.php (if possible, so that i can see what i am doing)?
  15. does anyone know how to load/edit entire shop localy in eg. Frontpage?
  16. Does anybody knows how to make voucher NOT cumulative with it self? (it needs to be cumulative with others and it must be in large quantity per user)
  17. I have similar problem. Does anyone know how to fix this? Some piece of code that will do cheking what voucher is in cart and if we have that voucher in cart it can't be applyed again?
  18. Funniest thing is that Presta team it self ignores this thread... Is it so hard to say, we abandoned this feature?
  19. What are you talking about??? Price is 35E and it is quite reasonable. On the other hand i personaly dont like the way it is done but so far looks like best finished solution.
  20. Do you have some test site for this? I would like to test it to see if it can be used in a way i need it.
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