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  1. Well all that can be achieved with smart use of categories and subcategories... You dont need any special filter for that.
  2. You do know that for that purpose you have categories, no? And this is filtering module, not search module!?
  3. Not by atributes but by preducts features. As i think, best principle of work would be to hook it next to currently sort selection dropdown box just as it is currently here: http://presto-changeo.com/125/category.php?id_category=4&orderby=position&orderway=DESC&ml=3&sl;=&pr=500-999 And to offer filtering of all that is present in that particular category. Only thing that shud be somehow configurabile is what featuers shud appear to be filtered in different categories. Eg. if i open category notebooks than there shud be filters like 1. screen size 2. cpu 3. vga etc. but in monitors category we dont need eg. CPU filters but we might need filter for type of connectors like DVi or VGA etc. BR
  4. ...nobody? where are all those programmers when you need one?
  5. for time beeing try to avoid decimal prices. round up everything up to 6 decimals.
  6. I like this work! (one minor notice... when filtering ends in no product you shud add step back button). Aldo this looks like a filtering by products features it is not (correct me if i am wrong but it seems like filtering by categories and subcategories)!? Can you produce filtering by products features?
  7. I think it would be more usefull if you can create it to filter eg. screen size, graphic card, procesor etc. If you manage to create that i would defenetly buy one.
  8. try here: http://www.prestashop.com/bug_tracker/
  9. a lot of people think so... (theres even employees in presta - noone knows what for?) ... except developers. :-(
  10. no errors. i use IE8 Its simply fact that when i log in with facebook i am not taken to the next step in checkout but i remain at register page and thats it!
  11. iw tested it and after i put item in cart and click cart button after summary next step is registration. I chose facebook and (aldo now i am logged in) i am stuck on register page and cant proceed with checkout!?
  12. @ ZELARG i dont know are you aware that you have bug in the system? see immage!
  13. We need "small" checkout customisation. We have 2 types of payment: 1. cash/bank wire 2. credit cards We want to create discount voucher (in large quantity) that must be automaticaly added to every customers cart by default. We need payment method (usualy last step of checkout proces) to be inserted into summary page. (under list of products shud be inserted payment methods buttons). Selecting of payment methods must be done with checkboxes, our discount voucher either remains in cart (if cash selected) or it gets deleted from cart (if credit cards selected). After that customer continues as usual... Adress and shipping steps shud get merged into one page so that entire checkout has only 3 steps. 1 summary 2 register (or even to implement 3 option > buy without registration) 3 adress and shipping Everything shud be done in ajax. Thats it! looking forward for your bids & offers! PS: we are on version 1.105
  14. you dont understaind. sitemap.xml that i generate in presta is generated with 000-00-00 dates... thats mine problem. How to make presta generate proper date in sitemap file?
  15. get this one, its easy and free! http://korn19.ch/coding/utf8-cutenews/
  16. Sounds awesome module, this is something i consider paying for...
  17. I have problem with google sitemap module. It generates all products with empty date 0000-00-00 and google won't index it properly. Anyone know how to fix that?
  18. hm... can anyone help me here' all my products in sitemap.xml look like this: http://www.vixus.hr/shop2/product.php?id_product=41034061 0.5 0000-00-00 daily and google returns me an error for empty date. how to populate correct date in sitemap?
  19. I need some help on module for generating google sitemap.xml I use v1.1 and i see that when i generate sitemap.xml in BO all dates in file are 000-00-00 and google returns me an error. Anyone know how to fix this? How to make proper sitemap.xml?
  20. oh, yes... silly me :red: thanx!!!
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