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  1. Dont you just love smart people? here http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/11552/installation_configuration___upgrade/product_informations_dot__dot__dot_ you stated: EAN is related to TAX If you just read and think 4 second on my post you would probably understaind that i know that its got to doo something with barcode. What i dont know is how that works in shop, like: is it for DB only or where do i/customer see this, can i use scanner on products or not? Iw found lotsa questions on forum about it and since theres no Croatian subforum and i dont speak French that leaves English as my only means of comunication, and theres not much in english explainig usage in real life for barcoding in Presta.
  2. excellent tips mate. verry helpfull! http://www.vixus.hr/shop2/new-products.php gg!
  3. Any of developers care to just little bit explain me this? thanx in advance!
  4. How is this used in Presta? It has something to do with BarCoding, no?
  5. Verry exciting news, this would be a great feature! I was just the other day thinking how come that no barcoding is implemented in presta, couse lotsa products need barcode scan on invoice for garantee purposes.
  6. thank you for effort, but wild guess is something that i can do alone... it will be verry helpfull that someone answers corect not guess.
  7. Yes, more fields is werry neceserry. I for example would like phone number, tax number etc.
  8. Yeah, im interested too... i would take out birthdays and implement tax number or something like that wich i find more usefull couse mine customers are other Firms not end users.
  9. Please can someone explain to non english speaking user what these fields are for? (I intend to make translation to Croatian language...) What means "Reference" or "EAN13" or Location (what it refers to, where to use that in shop)? Tnx 4 help!
  10. well, iw think of that but somehow i figured that its an error on my end and not some general bug... othervise i would find a lot of posts on this theme around forums, no? ok, i managed to resolve issue... no biggy, just uninstalled and instaled some modules...
  11. Uh, people can someone atlees give me a hint? ...this is killin me! I'w tryed to change diferent templates and on every its the same error...
  12. Atleest english readme would be very helpful...
  13. Hi i'w encountered strange bug. Search option actually works ok, it finds items but it don't display them untill i chose "sort by" and than site reloads and shows found items??? posted 2 pics to see 1. search "nano" and than 2. sorted by: ... do i need to set some "default" sorting? where to do that?
  14. sorry mate i must say that overall chosing of colours is disaster. you have too much diferent colours that don't match.
  15. Yes, it's located in product-list.tpl. Edited "on sale" as well...
  16. excellent, it took a bit more time to finish it up but im werry pleased with the result! thank you guyz for tips!
  17. No its not in modules but i'w found it. ...in templates root: product-list.tpl Never the less it was helpfull couse you pointed me for what to look for, tnx!
  18. great, half way there. this works now some new issues have emerged... where to remove that "WIEV" button couse it is compleatly unnecesery couse click on it is the same as click on picture or text, and how to limit text that it dont escapes new borderline? thnx!
  19. huh this is not ok... i got smaller images but the block it self is still the same size, it did not shrink... Any help?
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