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  1. if thats all you will sell why you just dont create these 4 categories: Beamers DVD spelers / recorders Home cinema sets LCD Televisies
  2. Im having problem with translation through BO. I chose translations of front office and it goes well untill "MY ACCOUNT" and after that everything that i input as translation it just wont record/save??? I have 755 on folders and 644 on files (somewhere i read that this is good setting) Any help is more than wellcome! Thanx! PS i'w read others peoples translation problems but i cant make it to work!? something to do with some php.ini and max execution time 600 and suhoshin protection.... ufff... can someone please write how to solve translation problems for dummies!?
  3. Can someone help me out here? http://www.vixus.hr/shop2/new-products.php Iw set some flash animation to the top of mine page and it looks ok in IE but in FF theres no flash at all? Thanx!
  4. Have you seen it in IE? Its all screwd up! (or maybe it must be like that?)
  5. Hi, im looking to implement an ERP software and connect it with my shop. Can anyone tell me is it possible to combine OpenERP or OpenBravo and Prestashop?
  6. Ljudi moji ja vas tu ama bas nista ne razumijem? Jel to Engleski ili Francuski forum? ... dajte se vec jednom odlucite!
  7. Yes, see... your product name pushes down the entire product_list "right_block" containing prices and buttons. Let me advice you, when fixing this check the looks of your page in firefox as well as internet explorer couse sometimes they give a bit different end results.
  8. ufff... everything works ok when i create my sample html page with this code but as soon as i insert that into header.tpl if dosent work...
  9. hm... this way every picture has its own link... to item in shop.
  10. Hi, Iw managed so far to set my logo with transparent background and i'w managed to squese underneath one .JPG. Basicly what i wanna do is to make that JPG under logo to be changeable, to cycle 5 pictures every few seconds. iw found code here: http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex14/pixelate.htm but i just dont know how to make it work. I'w been trying for hours and hours withouth any luck... Unfortunatly mine coding sux and i must ask for help here... thanx. PS. this is piece of header.tpl where i combined logo and background picture: <!-- Header --> {$HOOK_TOP} where h1 is background and h2 is LOGO huh...
  11. in this case i just changed "add to chart" in css and tpl -> from button to button_small
  12. it will fit nicely onmy language once i finish translation. By the way, what you want is this! Images Enlarge v1.1 Enable enlarge image on mouseover. (www.marghoobsuleman.com | www.giftlelo.com)
  13. Yes iw found it, its hard to explain it... its got to do with lotsa fiddeling into css and product_list.tpl see result here: http://www.vixus.hr/shop2/new-products.php
  14. Hi im working on one translation and here are couple of problems iw stumboled upon: Iw created new language and its ok, got flag, can edit etc. Now problems are starting, i can update front office thranslations via BO untill contact form or discount (cant recall corect now)... from then either nothing happens or (if im persistant) my host disconects me for security reasons (i talked to host and it say its something to do with me trying to acess php wich is not alowed) OK, then i decide to do it manually... Iw downloaded en.gzip and newli created hr.gzip and open them for editing. On my surprise en.php in template prestashop is empty... what now? any ideas?
  15. NAH, THIS IS WRONG METHOD !!! This way you change this kind of button in the entire shop not just "add to chart"... theres got to be a better way.
  16. Thanx, i understand REFERENCES now but this rise one new question... This all works well if i would have only one suplyer but in my case there are multiple suplyers for same item (i buy where is cheapest at the moment) and each of them got their own (different) reference numbers, how to solve this?
  17. Ah, no hard feelings man, thank you for your effort. Every help is wellcome. Its just so hard to express myself on english and im se frustrated couse im stuck on this EAN13 issue... Cheers!
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