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  1. can this export pricelist in excel? .. not just in PDF?
  2. Yeah, im also interested to have that feature but it seems that noone at Presta care for this... Wich is strange couse this is verry important thing for a serious online shop (wich Presta aims to become) if you have couple hundreds of products and their prices are changing weekly...
  3. hm... whats new on that theme? It's same old clasic theme with new header... i like it but its not the new theme it's only new flash on it, no?
  4. Nice module, iw changed it a little bit and added CHART menu as well. Chart gives error untill iw disabled security (cookies) in BO. maybe u know how to still maintain security and to have chart in?
  5. OMG... am i asking something wrong so people dont understaind whats troubling me?
  6. in back office there is option how many products to display so try to increase that?
  7. Thanx mate, iw got it right as i want it. Is there a way so somehow change background ?
  8. C'mon people, how do you manage your shops? any advice is more than wellcome.
  9. Hi, I am about to fill up the base with products and it will be like few hundreds of them and now i have some doubt on how to keep up the track on price changes? Can someone recommend what is the easiest way to keep prices and products up to date on regular basis. They are changing at least once per week. I fund it too hard and complicated to manually enter prices via BO for every product. Any tips are welcome!
  10. i cant find where to set its size (width) ... i want it to be 770 px. help?
  11. iw found on some modules that their name must be in one piece, no version numbers, dots, comas, lines etc.
  12. Excellent, works much better. It finds all products just by fraction of its name. I recommend that everyone update their shop with this file. Thanx for this update mate!
  13. Thanx ill test it and will post replay!
  14. Yeah, iw just noticed that "search" is not working properly ( http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/12786/general_discussion/search_issues_dot__dot__dot_ ) but it seems that no one from developers wants to elaborate on this, or even to post a comment... I just hope that here ignoring problems is not a way of dealing with them...
  15. Great mate, i have some search problems as well, this may help.
  16. In adition, iw copied macbook and i have now 3 macbook products. if i search "mac" i will find them but if i search "book" i wont find anything???
  17. I have some glitches with search option: eg. monitor HP-L2208w is the product i want to find: http://www.vixus.hr/shop2/category.php?id_category=5 When i search for "2208" or "2208w" or "HP" it dosent find anything. But it works if i type full correct name "HP-L2208w" or even just letter "a" or number "1" (in this case it finds everything ) How does this search works? ...and where to fix that?
  18. Having problem with france instructions... can someone write readme in english?
  19. Yeah, same here! I would like to have some simple captcha in registration form.
  20. I can't set background image even do it writes in urunxml.php that i can!? Anyone know how to set background image?
  21. @ MTOR Where to look in order to increase carousel width to 770 px?
  22. Usefull thing would be to create payments fees based upon payment method. (so cash or bankwire have 5% discount or vice versa creditcard payment gets increased by 5% for creditors fees)
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