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  1. While reading title of your post i hoped that you'w find something usefill... This is not what people want, people want full pricelist update with price changes and not to convert one price into other... This cant be called mass update prices, it may be called... i dont know... this is just stupid...
  2. Well i did not try others but i must say that im stuck here with Presta on feature that would help maintain 1000+ of products and their prices. I have PC shop and im busting my balls to figure out how to maintain prices/products on daily or weekly basis. Presta just dont have it... so im trying with CSV import (wich sux big time... see here: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/17494/general_discussion/csv_import_problems_with_names_of_subcategories ) and sql import through myphp admin wich is PITA for average John Doe... I was just starting to consider moving to other shop, maybe OsCommerce, and see if it can make some excel/CSV/XML - import/export properly and not so full of bugs and problems as Presta has now... Any tips?
  3. Hi, I have problem when importing mine categories and products from external excel pricelist. I have manually in backoffise set categories and subcategories in shop the way i like it (same as in pricelist) and everything is looking ok but problem is with CSV import. I have categorie notebooks and in it i have subcategories DELL, HP etc... Than i have categorie PC and in it i have subcategories DELL, HP etc... Than i have categorie monitors and in it again i have subcategories DELL, HP etc... Now problem is as it seems that CSV can't handle multiple subcategories with same name. Is this correct or am i missing something in order to make it work? Please, any help is more than wellcome! Thanx in advance!
  4. Bad news, i was looking forward to this. I guess that things end up this way when people take bigger bite than their mouth are...
  5. this is really good idea... anyone?
  6. my be 2 things: language translations are missing or sorting order in search options - check that in BO.
  7. theres no such feature in presta. you will need to code it your self, or pay for it.
  8. Phase 2: Make importing and updating multiple products easier This sounds interesting and needing (consider to make it phase 1).
  9. I must say that 800 E sounds to me way overpriced... but than again it is custom made... and after that you own it and can sell it to your countryman to earn back some of that investment. You can allways try here: http://getafreelancer.com/ and see it you can get better price.
  10. Excellent module xpanium! Can i set for background an image and not just a color? tnx!
  11. i would point you in "VOUCHERS" direction... i think that can help you.
  12. Some errors in it (see picture). ...can it be changed to excel catalogue?
  13. excellent module dtbaker! 3 questions... Is it possible to add categories? Is it possible to add product code/reference? Is it possible to add button that will make export/import? tnx!
  14. Well this sure looks promising. I think its on the right tracks... aditional export / import option would be excellent... will keep my eyes on this one... tnx!
  15. Yeah, we all missing this option... hope it will be resolved soon!
  16. can i add this captcha in order or registration form?
  17. we are talking about fake, spam orders not stolen identitys mate...
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