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  1. Iw tryed this but then BUY button gets disabled. What im looking for is, as that statement clearly says: Allow ordering out-of-stock product. So i would like that customer knows that item is out of stock or in arrival but it still is allowed to order it. Currently we are giving a contradictory informations to our customers. Shop it self say that item is available (unles customer goes to view more about product) and than in cart it says it is out of stock. That is giving a wrongful information to buyers and will for sure confuse them or even worse - rise suspicions about us... And theres allways a potential lawsuit about giving wrong informations. One more issue iw come up with is that if i have only 1 item on stock customer still can order 15 if them without any information that theres no more than one available. This i see as serious problem, dont you to? DJ.
  2. Someone please help me understaind how this works... Curently in my shop every product is available no matter what quantity i set. And by every product stands available no matter do i have it on stock or not. (see img. 1) This is how things are set in my BO (see img. 2) I would like mine shop to look so that availability info says eg. "in arival". when quantity of product on stock is = 0. (see img. 3) Is this possible to make?
  3. I have only one letter error... I see in PDF small letter č as big letter Č. any tips where and how to fix that?
  4. http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/17888/general_discussion/solved_date_and_currencie_customisation
  5. Does anyone know it there is some simple news module like for example on this site? http://www.optimum-online.hr
  6. in BO in Orders i have Order Messages and its empty... is that OK or do i have something missing in here? what is Order Messages used for?
  7. Can i add pictures in blog? Can i forbid commenting so i use it just as news display? I like your forum. I like it, its clean and simple! is it possible to edit design like width, colours etc. ?
  8. all of this is possible.. use search function to find answers.
  9. excellent iw found it! if ($language AND strtolower($language['iso_code']) == 'uk') return ($tmpTab[2].'-'.$tmpTab[1].'-'.$tmpTab[0].($full ? $hour : '')); else return ($tmpTab[2].'-'.$tmpTab[1].'-'.$tmpTab[0].($full ? $hour : '')); it shud look like this!!! tnx mate!
  10. Solution. Manufacturers created via back office and that their ID's set into CSV.
  11. when importing be sure that you have ID and NAME of products. Impontant detail is that when importing csv all columns that you dont provide with data must be set to "ingore" position. thats all!
  12. Hi, Me and buddy of mine are working on huge module that will do update of products and prices on daily or weekly basis, as one wishes. It is done, more - less but we encounter one problem after another that realy complicate our lifes... I need someone who really knows how Prestas database works... We have created one (for now) external program wich reads your pricelist in excel and converts it to CSV prepared for import. Import is made by backoffice import tool and it works ok with categories but not with products. We give each categorie an ID and its ok, they are all here and they are unchanged but when we do the same with products all works ok for first import... When we try second update database seems to duplicate products even if they have unoque ID (ID is also duplicated) aldo they are not to be seen in shop it self only in backoffice (see picture 1) and database also everytime generate new picture atleest their name - see picture 2. even if we leave image field empty. Also added catalogue and products CSV's to see if we doing something wrong... If anyone knows how to sort this issues would be a great help!!! cheers! prod_30042009_11_18_28.csv kat_30042009_10_43_19.csv
  13. Help needed on CSV importing issue... (yeah i am still having troubles with it) When i import 10 DELL PC's (its first categoty called Stolna računala) i get 10 DELL manufacturers... What am i doing wrong??? One more thind while were on Manufacturers... Why we have option to enter details like adress etc. of manufacturers (wich is totaly irelevant couse i dont hive s**t where DELL has headquarters) and we dont have that on distributers wich is by far more needed there? T.
  14. Idea is excellent. Configurator is much needed item. If created properly i will pay for it.
  15. iw managed to edit this way currencie to desired format but i cant change the date... what ever i do, date stays the same YYYY-MM-DD help needed...
  16. I have version 1.1 and this PDF fix is not? Anyone have older version of this fix that is compatibile with Presta 1.1? tnx!
  17. DEMO looks excellent... ill try to upload it a bit later. Good work mate!
  18. To baad no one knows this... Iw helped my self on currencie format in tools.php Iw found possible and date format there but i dont know how to edit this to get date format as dd.mm.yyyy. anyone?
  19. 1. where to set/change CURRENCIE format to 0.000,00 XX? (Back Office >> Payment >> Currencies - dont have this desired format 0.000,00 XX) 2. where to change DATE Format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS to DD. MM. YYYY HH:MM:SS Thanx!
  20. Unfortunatly me either but this sure looks promising... If only theres a demo to tryout.
  21. Could this be of any help? http://www.prestaworks.com/various/18-bulk-product-updater.html Well i was looking into that module but it looks like this one also relys on manual price update. I have BIG excel pricelist table and im looknig for a way to import price changes periodicaly and automaticaly from that table. So far no luck with it but i am presistant...
  22. @ ruilong Can you share it with us?
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