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  1. Does anyone can help me, i am stuck on this and cant fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Helo, Iw created authorisation script that works but i dont know where to insert it exactly... Can someone tell me where (in wich php file and where exactly in it) to insert my authorisation code??? HELP!!
  3. is there a way to implement authorisation into import script?
  4. Helo, Realy need help on this one!!!! I have problem with images URL from one of my suppliers. He uses https and PEM authorisation (wich works ok when i normaly type url and popup shows to imput data) and when i use products import tool in BO then i just have his URL in my .csv file and it wont download his pictures. Anyone know how to resolve this? BR Vixus
  5. Hi, Yes, iw found somewhere on forum custom made sitemap.php that works fine.... cant recall where but try searching for it... sitemap.php
  6. Uh... many views but no comment... Is here any expert that can help me?
  7. Helo, I have one script that periodicaly consumes 100% of CPU, does anyone know a way to limit particular script to use, lets say only 60% of my CPU power? Becouse mine host is forcing me to limit mine cpu consumption in a manner to limit mine entire site wich affects everything, even simple browsing. Help!
  8. found it! http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/53073/general_discussion/how_to_change_the_order_confirmation_title_
  9. Hi can someone tell me where and how to translate order confirmation email title? I have mail contents translated but my customers still receive email with english tytle "order confirmation". How can i translate that?
  10. I have a wierd problem... ...in BO i can save translations for shop, errors and pdf but i can't save translations for admin and modules. this is the error that i get: Forbidden You don't have permission to access /admin/index.php on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. can anyone help?
  11. Hi i need some help with search function this is my search.php wich is a bit modofied It works great on v.1.1 but i just discovered a small problem. Search by name or partial name works great but when i search by product ID it finds products that are not active anymore. can someone help me out how to restrict (only in front office) search to display my inactive products if searched by product ID? Search.php
  12. Helo, i have one script that works on my local test site but when i upload it on server i get this error: Premature end of script headers It generates small xml file (750kb) with products data. Iw tryed both 644 and 755 with same end result. Can anyone help me where to look for cause of problem and possible solution?
  13. I was just looking for this... is it working on v1.105 ?
  14. just change year in your callendar in stats tab in BO.
  15. Unfortunatly blocking IP adress is not helping becouse that user is using dynamic IP and not fixed. Is there any way to stop this?
  16. Hi i have case of competitor spying on my products and prices... (probalby it uses some script) and drops prices to be cheaper. (If you ask how do i noticed i can say only that i see certain ammount of external connections from same local IP to particular group of products in interval of few seconds to minute-two)... and a fact that i know that he does that. Is there a way to confront this problem?
  17. Yes its bug in version 1.1 that i am using, but iw made custom features import same as attributes and i am happy.
  18. Thank you for the tip... I use 1.1 and my module dont have that functionality but iw replaced it with one from v 1.23 and now i see that functionality in BO but i dont see anything in front where customer could type his email etc? Where shud that be? BR V.
  19. Helo, Does anyone know is there some module that will add on products page small text box in wich customer can enter his email and that presta automaticaly send to that mail notification (and deletes that mail after notification) to customer that wanted product is now available for purchase? Iw found this one http://addons.prestashop.com/en/administration-tools/146-backend-tools-product-back-in-stock-email.html&adforum;but it looks like its not automated mailer... BR Sinisa
  20. Helo, I need AdminImport.php modification so that it can import features in the same manner as it does eg. attributes. I will create all necesary features manualy in BO and i need to fill database table ps_feature_product (maybe some others to?) with data. import shud be from csv in this manner (same as attributes): (product; feature,value; feature,value...) id_product ; id_feature, id_feature_value ; id_feature, id_feature_value ; id_feature, id_feature_value ... so i can set multiple features for same product.and i need that *.csv import reads products ID and to reckognise features by name and assign them to that product and to ignore potential empty fields in csv if theres any (and there probably will be). Cheers.
  21. Hi, I understaind how to set mine csv for products and how to import features with it but i have problem that not all products have same features and when i set in BO import tool mine csv and i assign certain feature it wont load if i have empty fields (no feature value) for some of products. So, it works only if all products have some value in that cell. ...how to fix AdminImport.php so that import proces simply skips/ignores if theres no value in some cell? Does anyone have made this working?
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