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  1. Oh crap i just did it! (so im embarrassed) In BO i just deleted www subdomain and now i have Bad SubDomain SQL query! HELP!!!!!! What can i do to fix that!?
  2. EXCELLENT MATE, FINALLY IT WORKS!!! THANX! This solution shud go to sticky!!!!
  3. same here... http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/18574/general_discussion/suppliers
  4. Mike this is global part of forum where not all people speak french. You shud post this in french part of forum mate! http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewforum/19/discussion_generale
  5. Well i just had an idea on how to increase sales (hopefully) I am not programer and i dont know is it possible to develop such thing but hear what i have to say... Idea is to reward recommendations to other customers. Lets say a person buys at mine store and have an account there. In "MY ACCOUNT" block it will have aditional option to recomend us to a friend. This will be a simple contact form identical to "send to a friend" option i product details (only without particular product). So this contact form works either from "recommend us" or with "send to a friend", couse both serve the same purpose. OK, now that person will get letter from friend telling him that were cool store and he i satisfied with our service and is happy to recommend us. This person receives mail (from "resommend us"or "send to a friend" form) and certain note that when he register with us he shud copy-paste certain ID number (prestas ID of customer) from person that has recomended us in register form, wich need to have aditional field added that will ask something like "did someone recomended us?". This way person that recomends us receive value of 1% of his friend purchase (like reward point) as an VOUCHER wich he can spend in our store. This way everybody is happy, person that recommend us gets ca$h and we get more customers. (it can be even streched to pyramidal sales form but im not for that). What do you think is tis smart idea and if so is it doable? Cheers DJ!
  6. id_supplier and suppliers_refference can handle only one supplier info. What can i do when i have 2 suppliers for same range of products (i chose wich one has better price and availability) and therefore 2 different supplier references? And one question for developers. Why theres no adress for suplier and is one for manufacturer. Why do i need to know where DELL has its adress when i buy from their resellers and i cant enter their adress nowhere?
  7. It looks fine but it behaves odd. It reloads entire site twice and its really looking wierd. I guess its not writen in AJAX form?
  8. Thanx, ill try to mix something out of that...
  9. Whitelighter has created forum module, check this: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/13402/offer_bids_and_prestations/module_forum hope it helps.
  10. Uh, i can't figure it out... Help anyone?
  11. good site! i like this one! http://jqueryfordesigners.com/demo/plugin-slide-demo.html
  12. There is a fix for that - use "search" for post called search is messed up or something like this...
  13. Theres no need to fields with data set to ignore, onla ones that you have empty. eg. i have empty large descritpions, meta, images etc..
  14. Is there a way to make PDF Invoice to show second row for every product with its short description?
  15. links in blogs comments dont work?
  16. can you make it so that i upload via FTP in this folder new pricelist in CSV or excel and that it imports new prices?
  17. Just make sure that when importing CSV all empty data columns are set to IGNORE.
  18. If you dont set ID for products in CSV - Presta will do it automatically. It may work wothout it - than the NAME is identificator but i set ID couse its the same number of mine REFERENCE.
  19. what you want is configurator... a lot of people want it... unfortunatly theres not such thing in presta. i have code for configurator from other shop if someone skilled enough wants to adjust it to our needs i am willing to share it! DJ.
  20. in short... 1st You generate ID for products outside of presta and include that into CSV 2nd You must manualy in BO imput all manufacturers and distributers to get their ID's aswell. 3rd be carefull when importing CSV that all empty data columns are set to IGNORE. hope this helps.
  21. i was having similar problems, set your site to look ok acording to firefox couse it is by standards than it will look ok in IE aswell.
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