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  1. Hi, Can someone explain me how to properly fill the last column in product description called FEATURES? I have created certain features in BO but i would like to insert them in my CSV so that when im refreshing mine product prices and availability i will import these features for mine products. Thanx!
  2. Yes iw tryed with suppliers ID and with Name... (ID shud be the correct way but since it did not worked i tryed with Name). Both cases create same new supplier for every single product. UTF-8-2.csv
  3. try here mate: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewforum/19/discussion_generale
  4. Will it be like this one? http://jqueryfordesigners.com/demo/plugin-slide-demo.html This one rocks! ;-)
  5. @ hieloiceberg I just cant see it, iw done everything the way it shud but i just dont see the module
  6. i was getting duplicates untill i figured out that all the fields in CSV update proces that i am not updating shud be on IGRONE.
  7. There people want prices shown without tax. This is not what i need. In my country a law is that all prices must be displayed with tax for end customer. What i need is an option to create invoice with or withouth tax depending on customer.
  8. I dont think this is the right way to fix this. I think that developers shud make fundamental changes to the way invoicing works now. First they shud set invoices so that all product show only pre tax prices (still products in shop must show normal price with tax) and all services (transport, gift wrapping) as well. Than after all comes tax. And that we have simple checkbox in customers details where we can check "NO TAX" for particular customer.
  9. Hi, Serious problem here! I have some customers that dont pay tax at all... mainly religious institutions and embassys. Is there a way to implement chackbox when creating invoice that will ask does this customer pays tax or not' Or that i can manually in BO edit customer and click certain checkbox with option "dont include tax" when im making invoices per that user?
  10. looking forward for this (hope you will share your code).
  11. well iw tryed this way. create backup of database in BO, edit what you want offline and than through your MyPhpAdmin import new edited database. be carefull and backup everything just in case!
  12. I dont use OS X but i guess its the same as windows solutions, it shud work just fine.
  13. not xml but CSV. Search forums for CSV, you will find all you need.
  14. OK, iw found solution... Ill post here procedure if someone else do it. go to myphpadmin in your server cpanel. select your database click on ps_subdomain table select SQL tab insert following command: INSERT INTO `ps_subdomain` ( `id_subdomain` , `name` ) VALUES ('1', 'www'); enter! thats it, subdomain is created again.
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