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  1. Why would anyone want to let customers know who are your suppliers? If you think of Manufacturers/Brands than i sugest that you set your subcategories by their names.
  2. I guess that you can make some bundle like: If you buy our CMS we install you free copy of PrestaShop. (honest thing to to would be to contribute with some ammount of $ to prestateam) Further customisation of shop on customer demand you can normaly charge i guess, no?
  3. how to make it to work in path www.mineshop.com/shop/ ?
  4. well in IE7 when i have sub-subcategories they don't show untill mouseover. Just looks like an empty slot.
  5. Hi, this is how i managed to get things to work. I created mine pricelist entire on prestas product template. All 30 fields (you can see them in BO/IMPORT then select products and in right side you will see all 30 needed fields) I have attached sample csv with 2 products. I set on my own product ID (if you leave blank than presta will asign you ID number, wich is not good solution if you want to update products prices, quantity or availability via CSV). All fields that you dont need to have any data just set to ignore when importing. I hope this helps (by the way im on 1.1 presta) One more thing, open your CSV in notepad than chose "save as..." than chose encoding "UTF-8" and resave your CSV this way and than import wont break becouse wrong or unknown symbols. cijene_update.csv
  6. Any news on this one mate? (i know you are bussy lately....)
  7. Can anyone help me here. This module would be a lifesaver for me if i could import mine csv pricelist and that this module colects data from there (by products names) and automaticaly make updates? All i need is 3 fields: 1 PRICE (with no tax) 2 QUANTITY and 3 ACTIVITY (0/1) Becouse if i make IMPORT in CSV it messes up things couse this import featuer really sux in presta. is this doable, ill paypall beer if needed! ;-)
  8. I have few thousands products on my price list. Its in excell and i maintain it daily for price diferences and availability of products. I was trying to use csv import as tool for updating. Its working ok, i got everything working (i provide in my csv ID of products and all relevant data) except one thing. When ever i upload mine csv prices are corrected, availability updated but i lose products images, every time i lose products images. If i insert image url then i get doubled images on every import. And offcourse deleting products before import is out of the question. If i dont provide ID in CSV than i got doubled all products. Every way i try i cant properly update mine products!!!??? What can be done about this? How do you people update your pricelists? help me out here couse im frustrated with this issue!!! tnx!
  9. These two would be great if presta team can implement it. 1. Use a honeypot field Spambots normally attempt to complete every form field so they pass basic validation. A honeypot field is one that is hidden from the user (CSS display set to none), so any value passed back is likely to come from a bot. The field should be labelled “Please leave this blank” or similar to account for those with CSS disabled or using custom stylesheets. 2. Show a verification page or fail the first posting attempt Bots have a tough time reacting to a server response. If you are in any doubt about the validity of a post, show a intermediary page asking the user to confirm their data and press submit again. It's quite simple to implement and its almost unnoticed from customer point of view.
  10. Looks nice i must say and price of 20$ is qiute reasonable. One thing iw noticed, theres no register option in forum it self. Thers shud be a register button that forwards directly to your shop registration form. Other than that its perfect! Thumbs up!
  11. I must admin that i like better whitelighters solution. When i finish mine store and launch it i will go for forum module and most likely ill take whitelighters solution. I dont need nithing fancy and mine shop is also without right blocks column so this forum will fit nicely. Maybe Masinos Phpbb solution can be adjusted so that it have atleest header and colours from mine shop and fixed width so that atleest looks like it is integrated in presta? One question for both of your forums: If customer comes to your forum (from some google search) and registers there did he automatically becomes registered in shop aswell? Cheers!
  12. Sorry mor mine question couse its a bit offtopic but im interested on how do you handle customers complaints or service for product directly from manufacturer? I mean do your customer it self ships product back to factory or to you? ...becouse you did sell product it to him. This is more of a question on legal matter, becouse in my country seller is responsible for any service or complaint. thanx.
  13. Wow, this is fantastic! Cheers mate!
  14. find solution here: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/18211/general_discussion/shop_availability_info_of_products_is_not_working_properly/
  15. Solution. edit your product-list.tpl (You can find it in shop/themes/your_theme) so that after this row insert this: {if ($product.quantity > 0)}{l s='Available'} {elseif ($product.quantity==0 AND $product.allow_oosp==0)}{l s='Out of stock'} {else}{l s=$product.available_later} {/if} so that it looks like this: {if ($product.quantity > 0)}{l s='Available'} {elseif ($product.quantity==0 AND $product.allow_oosp==0)}{l s='Out of stock'} {else}{l s=$product.available_later} {/if} {if ($product.allow_oosp OR $product.quantity > 0) && $product.customizable != 2} thanx to havanaclub! Cheers mate!
  16. http://www.masugadesign.com/the-lab/scripts/unobtrusive-ajax-star-rating-bar/#demos http://www.dhtmlgoodies.com/index.html?whichScript=ajax-poller anyone knows how to implement this and create prestas products rating and polls?
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