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  1. I guess they dont, becouse i also mailed once to developers and got no reply. But what you can do (what i did) is to got to: www.getafreelancer.com and hire someone to do the job. DJ
  2. Is it possible to set shop to look so that home page has standard look (left column, central column and right column). And all other pages have only left column and central column? Please, see pictures!
  3. I was thinking, while we discuss here similar thing to get some help. But no problem, ill post there. Cheers! http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/20131/themes/help_needed_with_chart_customisation_dot_/
  4. It works fine with this explanation. One more thing... where to strech products list in cart to set width that i need? (see picture). Thanx! DJ
  5. use search, just recently iw described how to fix this.
  6. One way to delete all images is via FTP on your server. Other way might be to re import all products (check option to delete existing products) and field "image URL" set to ignore.
  7. I know 2 guyz in forum that are verry halpfull and have knowledge (but probably not so much time) to help us out here: amwdesign and Marghoob Suleman try to contact them?
  8. Maybe you will get some help if you try to post in English?
  9. try here mate: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewforum/20/installation_configuration_et_mise_a_jour
  10. I see that this site has become more and more popular, every day some new spam topic... Sugestion to PrestaTeam - implement that first 2-3 posts from every new account must pass "evaluation" (it goes in one unseen part of forum where only admin see it and when he reads message than he aprove that topic and its creator) before its seen in forums.... what do you think?
  11. yes, that BUG i reported 2 posts above... i hope its easy fix.
  12. Try here mate: (http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewforum/19/discussion_generale)
  13. how about to set new employe and give him certain priviledges?
  14. Actually, roadmap is werry usefull couse eg. im working on some fixes and tweaks and it may just happen that Team is also working on the same thing and that im wasting mine time and energy...
  15. Is it possible to set shop to look so that home page has standard look (left column, central column and right column) but that all other pages have only left column and central column (expanded to the right end)?
  16. Great improvement!!! I just love it! One thing, i have depth of 5 so i could realy benefit from closed subcategories and their subcategories couse curently they all open at once and that just looks so wrong... :-( see pic. Actualy 2 things. Theres lotsa space left in front of categories, you could move them a bit to left no? see pic. one bug detected! When set to mouse event click than it works only on primary category not on subcategories. Cheers!
  17. Managed to add script to cron job and its perfect. Im posting this peace of code (that was killin me for hours untill iw get it right) to save others some else a time and headache. /usr/bin/php /home/username/folder/script.php cheers!
  18. Is there a NEWS block that is in central column... Something like on this site: http://www.optimum-online.hr
  19. Excellent, iw figured it out! This ROCKS!!! man i love you! (not as the man loves the woman, but friendly kind of love) ;-) This solution shud go to sticky!!!!!
  20. Hi, Im just testing this and im having some problems... Can you post sample row of your csv just to see how to format it? becouse currently i use complete CSV with all 30 columns.
  21. I do have all in one file. Mate, you are a life saver if you can manage that to work!
  22. Great news mate, can you perhaps expand it to update price and availability?
  23. Welcome to the club. Theres a lot of people needing some kind of module that can do update of products prices, quantities and availability but so far nothing can do that. If you figure out how to do that please share with us.
  24. Word you guys looking for is BUNDLE.
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