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  1. Great looking site! http://www.buy.tentorium.kz I love design!!!
  2. i believe he wants to filter by features or by atributes. If thats so than contact guy called amwdesign. http://www.prestashop.com/forums/member/824/amwdesign/
  3. thanx jolvil I'w missed that post...
  4. Excellent module but i have also error of missing "/" (its related to shop being in folder and not in frontpage) this is url that i get when click on return button http://www.vixus.hr/shop2product.php?id_product=3002002'>http://www.vixus.hr/shop2product.php?id_product=3002002 and it shud be: http://www.vixus.hr/shop2/product.php?id_product=3002002 anyone know how to fix this?
  5. @ ZENDIK Please say, will it be possible to somehow chose to print invoice without TAX for certain customer (wich has tax free state - like churches or charity organisations) even all product are normaly with tax for regular customers?
  6. Can i use this PHP module to write news on mine homepage?
  7. I did not find any practical use for EAN13 so far. I dont know is this even possible? Im also interested if someone knows how to do this?
  8. What i mean, in your csv you must have image URL for every product couse ones that dont have URL will generate ghost image.
  9. import works but provide images for all products not partialy and check size of images (they may be too big?)
  10. mate, forget this module. help your self here: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/19764/general_discussion/solvedautomatic_update_product_quantities
  11. ok Alex, ill keep my fingers crossed that you succed!
  12. Looking great. It has some problem when scrolling mouse on it. I mean it changes images/products but also entire page i scroling up and down...
  13. I dont get it... i was trying there before. What ever change i make in global css it just dont show... Iw cleared temp files and everything... still i dont see any change in mine categories block?
  14. Oh yes, i see now - mine bad, i was really under the impression that presta has this. This is realy something that needs to be implemented ASAP. cheers!
  15. user add one item and than change quantity in chart it self very easy.
  16. i would like to know also. I'w tryed even to change .gif it self but still positioning is the same...
  17. I guess that it can show your customer (if they chose maothly payment) what will be their monthly rates.
  18. I need some help here. (I am complete novice for these things). Iw created new subdomain in Presta and on Server. Adress is http://shop.vixus.hr/ but for some reason its not quite working. What else i must do in order to make subdomain work? TNX. DJ.
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