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  1. Uhm... sorry than i dont know how to help you then... this is probably some database error... PS: try rename?
  2. Great. This shud be set in general / modules section of forum.
  3. ZENDIK is great guy, he's allways ON. It has literally become an household inventory here... he don't sleep, he don't eat... (he dont even have a girlfriend anymore) he's just typing and typing... ;-)
  4. It is doable via server script but i sugest you to hire a pro for that job.
  5. where is the problem, use FTP and remove it from server???
  6. Hi, Iw tryed to customise mine PDF Invoice but i cant do it properly. I'w managed to edit title row (marked with red arrows in picture) but i cant find out how to actualy edit products to display in that same order: reference - name (with short description) - quantity - unit price - pre tax total and at end 1 pre tax total 2 total tax and 3 total with tax Anyone can help me out here? PS. how to add extra row under name to show short description?
  7. I must say that iw checked most of popular free shops and this is the one that is most user friendly. To me it was easiest to work with aldo its not perfect and it has its bugs and disadwantages (but the others do as well) and requires lots of tweaking to make it working the way i want im still for it. If you want cheap commercial solution look for cs-cart or cubecart. They seem OK (but i still prefer Presta).
  8. iw set it so that i detail description i have url to products manufacturer site. it works ok.
  9. go to www.getagreelancer.com and help your self there.
  10. Entire post is here: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/19764/P15/general_discussion/solvedautomatic_update_product_quantities I attach you a sample of mine update.php script that runs and sample of products that i update in update.csv, Just put it somewhere on your server and protect acess to it by password from cpanel. Script updates products price, quantity and activity by their reference number. The ones that it dont finds it just dont update so theres no any error message. If someone updates script in this manner please share it here. BR DJ. update.zip
  11. It's been a long time and still not even one official comment? :-(
  12. well i guess that he's forget once again... :-)
  13. I meant that its edited in a way that it filters out and shows only products atributes from category in wich has customer navigated. So if you have category "computers" it will show atributes from this category only... If you go to "monitors" category it will filter attributes from this category only.. ...and so on...
  14. Ah, so... But maybe it can be placed into every category (at top just above products list) to make products fintering possible within that category? This would be werry usefull aswell.
  15. Is anyone capable of creating captcha protection this way?= Insted of standard picture with some barely visible and understandable "the eye killer" text in it, we set eg. 5 images that represent 5 amimals: (parrot, ant, zebra, fish and horse) and we set simple question like: “Click on image that shows ant”. And customer clicks on it (This image to click on is the one that serve as submit button) and that is a simple verification that he is a human and not bot.
  16. Anyone has this somewhere online to see it in action?
  17. nice solution i must say. Needs a bit of artistic touch to visualy implement all parts together so that all looks as one part.
  18. Insted of standard picture with some text in it, we set eg. 5 images that represent 5 amimals: (parrot, ant, zebra, fish and horse) and we set simple question like: "Click on image that shows ant". And customer clicks on it and thats a simple werification that he is a human and not bot. This image to click on is the one that serve as submit button. What do you think is it doable to implement captcha security to work this way....
  19. Sounds resonable for such usefull module... can it be set to central column so that it sets just abowe products that are listed?
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