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  1. i would like to do the same thing only with slide show module. How can i do that?
  2. Can anyone help me out here? Every tip is wellcome!!!!!
  3. try at www.[spam-filter].com or www.getafreelancer.com
  4. Hi, usualy i know these things but this one is a bit complicated for me... I'w edited this module (image module.jpg http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/21694/modules___code_contributions/slideshow_module Thanx to DG.Craft) to the way i like it and its looking great! And now i have problem i would like to put him at the top of mine homepage like on image final.jpg but i just dont know how... iw managed to remove everything that was there at the top but simple hooking to the top hook is not working (i get these errors: out of memory at line 6 and stack overflow at line 6) help someone!
  5. @ RIHO I love it the way it is, plain and simple... and customer that wants more shud register. Great! Looking forward to it!
  6. to me helped to chmod folder to 755 instead of default 777.
  7. well i would rather accept that even 10x slower my customer find something than to really, really fast he finds nothing!!! Becouse this is the way to lose customer...
  8. @ Patric Why PrestaTeam ignores this as an issue?
  9. Yes, indeed... I dont know how come noone else gets interested in this?
  10. well, if you try to search for product from middle of the word becouse you dont know exactly how it is called or how it is properly written... eg. try to search for term "book" and you wont find anything aldo we have MacBook as product. Nice man called DaYmo fixed that for wersion 1.1 http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/12786/search_issues_dot__dot__dot_ but now in 1.2 that fix dont work anymore...
  11. Yeah, search is not working properly... it's a common thing in Presta.
  12. Is anyone willing/capable of doing captcha this way? source: http://www.serie3.info/s3capcha/ demo: http://www.serie3.info/s3capcha/demonstration.php live example: http://kruskica.net/kontakt/
  13. Does anyone know how to modify this module to show NEW products?
  14. i updated becouse PDF was not capable of printing invoice on 2 pages and now i cant use search... So its either without search or withouth invoices... whatta piece of crap work...
  15. is is possible to add your 1.1 search into 1.2? becouse 1.2 still suxx...
  16. Iw updated to 1.2 and search still sux (again) Whata piece of crap! (yea, yea iw indexed all 7 products new presta has) Iw tryed to put DAYMO's 1.1 fix but i get "hack atempt" ! ! ! Does anyone have search that works? DJ.
  17. do you actualy have a product with reference OP360MTE2200 ? i dont know... try on live shop not localy...
  18. I'w found exactly what i had on mind: source: http://www.serie3.info/s3capcha/ demo: http://www.serie3.info/s3capcha/demonstration.php live example: http://kruskica.net/kontakt/ Can anyone implement this into presta contact and registration? ...unfortunatly i am not capable of doing this.
  19. i was searching for "book" and i did not get any result? When clearly we have a macbook as product. see immage...
  20. well i dont know... it works for me, it works for other people... I asume that you are doing something wrong... and i cant help you there... try to go through PHP and see if all of needed data related to your database is properly inserted.
  21. looks werry nice... but! After Summary you go to login and "BUY" and then... You see again whats in your cart. Theres no need to repeat product list once you allready seen whats in the carh in Summary page, no? other than that it looks really nice.
  22. OMG, i see that you are updating with mine "update.csv" file... mine file is just a sample so that you know how to set your own csv. reference;price;quantity;activity0/1 well iw put it in folder i called update and i acess it through web browser and i protected it with password. you can there set secure acess to or even put it somewhere in root, your choice...
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