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  1. Yeah, this is one of those "unfinished" abilities in Presta. I sure hope they will realise all that is still flawed and will try to upgrade that.
  2. well i did test once, few montrhs back your checkout proces... but isn't this a checkout withouth creating any account, no? did i receive cookie for tracking or what?
  3. after saving excel file to csv open it in notepad and than save with UTF-8 code... that works for me.
  4. well, that's not such a bad idea! I was wondering while there are employees as such in Presta that developers did something with them (stats tracking and such) but theres no trace of that... too bad...
  5. Yes, i want to set employees accounts with certain permitions to create orders, new customers etc. So that they work on POS directly online in shop it self. And i would like to track their activity and productivity.
  6. Is it possible to track sales statistics per individual employee? To see who made most sales, income etc.?
  7. contact this member, he is working on feature filter module. http://www.prestashop.com/forums/member/824/amwdesign/
  8. @ Ion cannon When i try express checkout i get this errors: There are 2 errors : 01.password is invalid 02.id_state is required
  9. willing to share solution? becouse i was looking for the same thing...
  10. LOL, 150 EUR!? (hm, whats the word i am looking for... greed?) I am not looking forward to it any more... ill wait for some free version... Wauw! Someone has put a lot of work into this module and you want it for free? Did you build a module that is as complicated as this yourself? Before blaiming someone of beeing greedy maybe next time you should try to build it yourself and give it away for free. Then also maintain, update it and help users, for free. Let me just ask you, how much did you pay for PrestaShop? 150E for this checkout update??? This is owerpriced a LOT!!! And thats mine opinion and i stand by it!
  11. LOL, 150 EUR!? (hm, whats the word i am looking for... greed?) I am not looking forward to it any more... ill wait for some free version...
  12. Hi, Well i was changed hook home to hook top and i thought that ti shud work, but unfortunatly its not... If you can help in any way it would be great! PS i see that you mention hook header... ill try that hook.
  13. Hello! need help in order to make this work: (please see link so that i dont need to retype all again) http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/25471/general_discussion/help_with_hooking_certain_module If someone know how to fix this in order to make it work please PM me - am willing to pay.
  14. you shud edit skin.css in homecarousel\jcarousel\skins\tango folder
  15. Can somebody explain in english how to make it work on 1.2 ? thanx!
  16. what you are looking for is not search but filtering in layers... And after you'w done with filtering you want to use search on remaining products. Presta cant do that and only thing i can advise you to do is to hire a pro to build such module for you. go to: www.[spam-filter].com and post your project there... i dont think that will cost you more than 200$ to develop this.
  17. ok, i am willing to pay if someone knows how to fix this!!!
  18. c'mon people... 50 views and no comment? ...there must be someone smart enough that can help me out here!!!
  19. OK iw managed to hook it to TOP but slide is not working and i have this 2 popup errors: out of memory at line 6 stack overflow at line 6 anyone knows why it works in HOME but not in TOP? aditional: I see that enntire site gets "disabled" by this... nothing dynamic works, not any slide, scroll, not even AJAX cart... help?
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