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  1. @presta-dyr


    I have 4 main suppliers and they each have 1000-5000 products.

    what do you recommend for me:

    Daily import of their entire pricelist or weekly or maybe some other way?

    when i reimport their pricelists... do i need to reimport immages also (becouse 90% of pricelist would be the same as yesterday and only 10% of new products) or is there a way to import only new products?


    thank you!

  2. Helo,


    I just recently learned that with features settings there can be only one value per product... not multiple as attributes can be.

    Is there a way to make Features also behave that way?

    I can't use Atributes becouse they have influence on stock (overrides Quantity on Information tab) and basicly create uniqe products... wich i dont need (if theres a workaround for that... than i might use them instead of features!?).

    I need that only for detailed filtering of products.


    Thank you for help!


    PS: I am still on v1.1 (if thats even relevant)

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