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  1. @presta-dyr I have 4 main suppliers and they each have 1000-5000 products. what do you recommend for me: Daily import of their entire pricelist or weekly or maybe some other way? when i reimport their pricelists... do i need to reimport immages also (becouse 90% of pricelist would be the same as yesterday and only 10% of new products) or is there a way to import only new products? thank you!
  2. @presta-dyr Hello, one quick question... I have several suppliers and they tend to change/update their categories and subcategories structure from time to time... how can i track these changes if i automate my import via cron? thanx!
  3. I realized that even better thing is to don't delete those two primery keys but instead actualy to set the feature_value as the third primery key.
  4. Thanx mate... this was helpfull! I realized that even better thing is to not delete those two primery keys but actualy to set feature_value as the third primery key. Cheers!
  5. Helo, I just recently learned that with features settings there can be only one value per product... not multiple as attributes can be. Is there a way to make Features also behave that way? I can't use Atributes becouse they have influence on stock (overrides Quantity on Information tab) and basicly create uniqe products... wich i dont need (if theres a workaround for that... than i might use them instead of features!?). I need that only for detailed filtering of products. Thank you for help! PS: I am still on v1.1 (if thats even relevant)
  6. Please give me your estimate on price required to upgrade 1.105 to most recent version + transfer all customisations that I allredy have (checkout, some modules and some BO import features) + create a brand new theme at my request. Details available on PM.
  7. I am interested in this module. Can someone confirm that it is working on presta 1.105 ?
  8. Helo, if your module works on presta 1.105 i am interested to buy it. BR
  9. Helo. I hope this topic is still alive. I am running presta 1.105 and i am looking for this module. Is it working on my version and is it still possible to buy it? BR
  10. Helo, does anyone have products compare module that is working on Presta 1.105? Tnx!
  11. Helo, Does anyone knows is there any solution that would help me to display all prices in shop as images instead of symbols that we currently have.... something that would work like captcha? Tnx!
  12. Can prestashop be set to use allready existing remote database, and how to do it? Tnx!
  13. I am still on v1.105 and mailalerts dont have that option... ill download latest version and try to check is there a newer version but question is will it work... Thanx tomerg3
  14. Hi, Does anyone knows is there a module that would add a input text box on product page where customer can enter his email so that he can receive automatic notification when product that he wants is back on stock? tnx!
  15. Can someone tell me is there some settings that i shud check on my server to be sure that images download works normaly? Alow url fopen = on ... is there anything else???
  16. can it import images that are behind SSL and request authentication?
  17. Helo, My products import from csv works ok except one problem, when i add url from one supplier that uses SSL it wont download image. Does anyone know how to fix that?
  18. Any developers care to help!???????????????????
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