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  1. Dries, I too am working on this issue. Did you end up using one of those modules? If so, how did it work for you? Thanks Linda
  2. Hi - when I upgrade I am no longer able to access my backend - I can login, but am stuck on the home page of the backend. Error msgs are as follows: 1.Premature end of script headers: ajax-tab.php, 2.PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: [] operator not supported for strings in /home/sheetmus/public_html/classes/db/DbQuery.php:96 3.[error] [client] Stack trace: 4.[error] [client] #0 /home/sheetmus/public_html/Adapter/Adapter_EntityMapper.php(45): DbQueryCore->from('shop', 'a'), 5.error] [client] #1 /home/sheetmus/public_html/classes/ObjectModel.php(233): Adapter_EntityMapper->load('1', NULL, Object(Shop), Array, NULL, true), 6.[error] [client] #2 /home/sheetmus/public_html/classes/shop/Shop.php(131): ObjectModelCore->__construct('1', NULL, NULL), 7.[error] [client] #3 /home/sheetmus/public_html/classes/shop/Shop.php(397): ShopCore->__construct('1'), referrer 8.error] [client] #4 /home/sheetmus/public_html/config/config.inc.php(114): ShopCore::initialize(), referrer 9.error] [client] #4 /home/sheetmus/public_html/config/config.inc.php(114): ShopCore::initialize(), referrer 10.[error] [client] #6 {main}, referer: 11. [error] [client] thrown in /home/sheetmus/public_html/classes/db/DbQuery.php on line 96, referer: Any pointers on how I can fix this are deeply appreciated.
  3. Hi - suddenly I am unable to upload a file as a virtual product. The files I have tried to upload are all small (less than one MB) and I have tried pdf and zip files to no avail. The only message seems to be "Please enter no more than 20 characters" and I have changed the file names to be 3 letters or less and still nothing happens. Thanks for any pointers.... I did just upgrade my shop from 1.6.09 to 1.6.14 but that did not change anything. Linda
  4. Shopping Cart Help

    Hi - I visited your site and it looks like you got your cart on the right (something I am trying to do....). Any tips on how you accomplished that? Thanks Linda
  5. Similar to my situation. After talking to someone via livechat, was advised that a certain module was appropriate for my shop - upon purchase have found it is not what I wanted, or talked about, at all! I emailed them requesting a credit towards a module more suited to my needs and have not heard back. It has only been 24 hours, but that seems like long enough in an online business environment to get a response.
  6. I am curious about the Video Player Module but hesitate to buy it without more information. Anyone having good luck with that one, or have another (paid or free) that they find reliable? Thanks!!!
  7. Hi - I am researching a similar issue for my website and am trying to upgrade to ps 1.6. my mp3 files are not playing back. Did you ever find a solution to this? Thanks Linda
  8. Just to update about my issues with attributes not sorting - turns out that in the database and the BO i was referring to my shop's url differently - (www. versus no-www) and this was causing some problems. All sorted now - nothing to do with the module.
  9. Hi - I am using AWP 1.5.3 and prestashop 1.5.2. I am unable to get my attribute values to sort. When I go to the configuration page, where, for instance, I have 10 values, I would like to list them alphabetically. So I move them around, save, and after I have saved, they go back to the way they first were. Am I doing something wrong here? It used to work......thanks
  10. I am having the same issue with 1.5.3
  11. Hi - this is probably really obvious, but I cannot figure out how to move the user info block on home page back to where it belongs. (see pic). I have unhooked it and tried to hook into the top of the page/header, without success. Thanks for any pointers on this.. Linda
  12. Hi - I have PS 1.5.3. and the latest version of Stripe. I am getting the error "Token required, please check for any Javascript error on the payment page". I have tried every version of checkout with no variation of result. Also I am not able to setup my webhook - I get a 501 error no matter what I try. If anyone has had any luck with this I would really appreciate some pointers! Update: I ended up going back to 1.5.2 - no problems there with Stripe. If anyone gets rid of the javascript errors that prevent stripe from working in 1.5.3 I would love to hear about it. I know just enough about coding to be dangerous to my sites - I stick with commenting out stuff and that's about it....thanks
  13. Hi - I am using the wishlist mod differently and do not wish to require login. I sell digital sheet music and am using the wishlist (I call it "musiclist") to enable users to assemble a a temporary folio of musical pieces. Is there any way to disable the requirement for login? I have gone through wishlist.php, but my knowledge of php is not enough to solve this. Any pointers would be vastly appreciated. If you need a better sense of what I mean, my site is at http://sheetmusic4st...om/catalog_new/ Thanks Linda
  14. Yes I would love this also - thanks for a great module, and looking forward to more.