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  1. PayPal has just announced that Website Payment Standard will be getting the new interface ive got a screenshot above as standard starting November 1st. That means part of the functionality i was building into this will be outdated in a few months (dammit). However things like Prestashop and PayPal intergrated refunds that i have built in will still be unique to this module.
  2. Just added an update, ive built a way for a refund to be issued when you do a refund for a customer that paid via PayPal Total, all via the prestashop admin login so you dont have to visit paypal to issue the refund.
  3. I worked out how to get this to work this morning while i was walking (it hit me like a brick lol), actually its not too hard and will suit both models suggested here. Problem is im not going to get time for a while to test and implement but ive built functionality into the PayPal Total module plan so it can be done at a later time.
  4. Transacting as a gateway is easy, the problem is presta doesnt natively support it. Ive actually been thinking of a way to force it to be able to store product level information cause for it to work properly its going to have to store some extra info at the product level that it will then use in the end calculation. To answer your question it can do both, transact as a % or as a flat rate. i already have a site that ive built (not using presta) that allows me to operate as a gateway between buyer and seller (www.GoSqueesh.com). ETA on the PayPal Total Module is about 3 weeks but depends on PayPals approval process, for the advanced stuff we are talking about here its going to need further development but entirely possible depending on what the presta guys do. Im sure the presta developers know the limitations with the presta schema ive been talking about. Maybe one day soon they will listen to developers properly
  5. Depends on PayPal because i need to get Approval from them before i can launch it (Which shouldnt be a problem ive got a few contacts in the approvals area). Estimate it will be about 2 or 3 weeks though.
  6. On the payment side of things it is indeed possible to have a multi shop running with the core shop purely acting as a "Gateway" similar to eBay or reseller sites, my PayPal Total module in development now could easily process multiple payments within the one transaction with the core shop owner taking a % of each product sold and final payment being automatically passed on to the "Drop shipper" or product lister/Agent. presta wont be able to handle it in its current state with some of the things they have done with the Schema. The product end of things really kills it although the way they do items in carts really screws it.
  7. Hi Dan, Got it built in and you will be able to turn it on and off from the module config screen.
  8. Updated: im sorting out ECHECK (Electronic check) once and for all as part of this as well, its never been supported by Prestashop (until now).
  9. The PayPal Total Module im developing doesnt use the standard PayPal APIs so the user doesnt have to click in a seperate area to the go to another screen in order to fill out details, the login with paypal and the credit card/debit card screen is all contained within the one paypal landing page unlike the standard version. Also because of the way the module is designed all you need is a PayPal Total username and password , (so no need to mess around with API keys and what not). It uses all the benefits of having 128 bit SSL without it actually being set up. Attached is an example of the PayPal landing screen. but yes you are right you can use the credit card checkout facility on the left side of the cart page which then takes the user to a brand new paypal page (as if the poor user hasnt already clicked 5 prestashop screens)
  10. Updated: Ive redesigned it so that you dont need SSL for this to work and there wont need to be any approval process!
  11. Why doesnt prestashop fix things that need to be fixed before they go adding minor features? The interface is terrible for the customer (5 screen checkout wtf? hasnt changed since version 1.1! ) and Presta has no idea on how to engage and build the developer community!
  12. Geeze Prestashop its nice to see you havent done a thing with the PayPal Modules in well over a year, the code is still terrible! I guess if PayPal was a French company it might be a different story huh?
  13. Hi All, Im currently building a PayPal module to allow Guest Payments, This means that a customer will be able to purchase using a credit card or debit card without a PayPal Account all in one nice looking Ajax screen (with your shop logo on the top of the screen). There is an option for regular "Login with paypal" or "Guest payments" (Customer doesnt need a PayPal Account). Originally this module was going to need SSL setup and you would need Approval from PayPal to use it however after some talks with some friends at PayPal ive redesigned it to make it easier for it to be setup and used very quickly with no need to mess around with API keys and strings. Added a refund option, Prestashop will be able to issue a refund back to the customer if they have paid with PayPal Total (via the admin area). Updated 22nd Sept
  14. About a year ago i offered to build a multipurpose PayPal module that would intergrate all versions of PayPal into a single module, all i wanted in return was to partner with Prestashop which at the time they seemed interested in doing and i even received a few emails about from the Presta team. On top of that at the time i was being flown by PayPal to innovate 09 in San Francisco which was where PayPal was launching its new API platform PayPalX. In conjunction i was more than happy (as a Prestashop partner) to represent Prestashop at innovate 09, i expressed that at the time in the email contact i had with the team. however after the initial emails i had no further contact from them. Today in the news it seems Prestashop has missed the boat with Magento now using the PayPalX APIs! The PayPal Blog I used to be a fan of Prestashop but it seems they dont like engaging the developer community very well, its a shame because it did have something going for it at one stage but even looking at the new version there is so many things that could be done better to improve the customer experience. It seems most of the releases are bug fixes rather than functional design changes to improve the user experience. One of the sites i built i actually rebuilt the customer interface to build everything all into one page using JQuery modals. Im in no way the first developer to abandon the prestashop forums, indeed ive seen many that came up with some great modules loose interest because they just dont engage and encourage the developer community in the right ways. Im not writing this to pick a fight because quite frankly ive got better things to do with several worthwhile projects under way, but rather to bring perspective to the fact that unless they change direction i dont think they will have the developer support its going to need to last and become what it can become.
  15. Hi All, Yes i know this isnt Presta related, but i need your help to get votes for my entry in the PayPalX developer challenge! Ive helped the community here a few times in the past (including the lazymans xml sitemap) and was hopefull of a few votes. My entry GoSqueesh is a finalist in the challenge and i need help getting votes for the next round. To vote you can click here bit.ly/GoSqueesh then login using PayPal and click Vote on the top left of the page (yes the page is badly coded so will look like it hasnt done anything when you click). You can also access the GoSqueesh site which has a page for the developer challenge. Thank you for reading
  16. yeah you can do it direct in the database but you will need to redo all the totals as they normally redo when you are working via the cart.
  17. HI Flyinfish, I used the dynamic attributes of the presta schema so in theory it should be relative to its location, that being said i havent tested it in a subdomain. what id suggest is set it up the same as above and then view the xml. Nice site btw but id change that font its too hard to read!
  18. I dont have a need for it otherwise i would, its probably just a matter of repointing the existing APIs to query for different results.
  19. err if you are talking about the sitemap for google heres a fix for it http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/29018/modules___development/module_lazymans_google_xml_sitemap_automatic_xml_sitemap_generator_smap
  20. Id go for a option 3 and put everything you want to say in to an image or a sequence of images and link to another page with written content, people wont read lots of text unless they are interested in the product/brand already and if they are that interested they will go to another page to find what they need. Home pages are like front windows and should only be used mostly for visual or link off content, just remember a home page is prime real estate!
  21. Im working on putting together a Module that will be the One Paypal to rule them all but dont have an ETA on it as yet because its only a side project. Im currently debugging a new customer/account info interface for a presta build that i will show off soon that uses Jquery instead of seperate pages for a customer to review orders, update details etc. Also recon i can cut down the checkout screens a bit but im keeping that for the next project.
  22. normally what i do is build everything i need to in development, then do a clean install of presta on the webserver and just move over and config the things i need to (modules, mails, theme etc) once you deploy however keep in mind relative paths may change for images if you used actual paths (and not relative ones built into presta) also check the config/settings.inc.php file for relative pathways (__PS_BASE_URI__)
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