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  1. That code fixes the sorting problem of earlier versions (only), it does not work in the latest version of PrestaShop.
  2. I'm glad you've found the error and everything worked as you want! ;-)
  3. Can you post the error message please? Thank you!
  4. Hello hatc. I've used version 1.1 and worked. What errors do you get?
  5. Can you please post all the output you get on PDF.php file? The error with all information, to see if I can find the reason for that. It's hard to debug without any detailed information. Thank you!
  6. Hi, Sorry about the late answer, but I'm on holidays. Try to save the file in iso format to see if it solve your problem. Good luck!
  7. Hello again, You can find more info at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Byte-order_mark In your text (code) editor, you can choose encoding type, and choose the option to save the source file without the BOM. Some webservers don't support BOM and print unwanted chars on the output file, so you get that error you told. If your webserver interprets your utf-8 file (with BOM) as iso-8859-1, it'll output this "" at the begining of the file and you get that error. Do you get any PHP error or warning? If you do, that error/warning can be causing that error too. Good luck with your new shop! ;-)
  8. Hello botc, That error usually happens when you save your file as utf-8 (with bom). You have to save the file as "utf-8, no bom", because some servers (usually IIS) give the error you said when the file is not in that format. Good luck!
  9. Philippe Sang: I'm glad I can help on PrestaShop development! ;-) DJ-Terror: The PDF.php posted here works with latest version (1.2 Alpha 1), and probably don't work with 1.1 because some code have changed between the two versions. The most safe way to apply the correction to an older version is to apply (by hand) the corrections on your current PDF.php file. On the file posted here all needed changes are highlighted by the starting comment line "[iNI] INFORDESIGN" and the ending comment line "[END] INFORDESIGN". If you compare the PDF.php file with your current PDF.php file it's pretty easy to see where to apply the code lines. You can even apply one code block at a time to see if you get any error or warning. Good luck! :-)
  10. I've updated the file again because the one I've posted had lines to repeat invoice lines so I can had multilines invoices (just for debugging). Now the PDF.php file on the first post is the latest one (and works nice). Check it to see if you get any error, because here everything is ok.
  11. I've updated pdf.php for the latest version (1.2 Alpha 1). You got those errors because the first pdf.php posted here was for a previous version of PrestaShop. I've applied all the changes that I made to support multiple pages on the latest file available (and included even error_reporting(6143); to be sure all errors and warnings of this pages are shown) and everything works ok. Try the latest file (pdf.php) to see if you still get any errors.
  12. I have Firefox 3.0.9 and didn't work here. During installation process all tests were passed, but after setting database login data and configured SMTP server (and both database connection test and test mail message worked correctly), I've pressed "Next" and nothing happened. Just a progress bar is shown at the top of installation page, then disappeared and the installation script didn't open the next page. This happened both in Safari 3.2.1 and Firefox 3.0.9. Only worked ok on Opera 9.64.
  13. I've installed PrestaShop Version 1.2 Alpha 1 (by the way, installer is not working on Safari and Firefox, only works on Opera - on Apple MacBook. It stops at database server configuration.) Changed pdf.php for the file posted here and there's an error because one argument is missing (I don't know if it worked with the older fpdf version or if I forgot to include it). If you make this change, everything work ok: function _beginpage($orientation, $arg2) { parent::_beginpage($orientation, $arg2); Codepage must be "UTF-8, no BOM" too. PDF is well generated with page numbers working correctly.
  14. I'll install a clean prestashop version on a development server, make the changes stated on this post and I'll check it (and correct the errors if needed).
  15. It worked on my Prestashop installation without any error... What is the version you tried? Latest SVN? Installed on Apache (windows) or IIS? I would like to reproduce the error. Thank you.
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