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  1. Hi guys. I need some help from you, as i'm trying to modify the homefeatured products module. What I want to do is for the products to appear as one single product per line, with larger pictures and the description and the "View" div to be on the right side of the picture not under it. I'm using two columns. Do you think you can help me with this? Thanks
  2. Hello. I want to update my prestashop 1.2.5 version to and i would like to know how does this affect the google results, indexing, traffic etc. and what is the best possible way to preserve the google "link juice"? Also as a possibility can i make another website with the version and use 301 redirect? Thank you As nobody is responding to this post i suggest that the admins delete it. Thanks
  3. Thank you Vekia! That was it. I changed the code to: font_size_style_values : "8pt, 10pt, 11pt, 13pt, 18pt, 24pt, 36pt" I have to mention that although the values have been changed, in the font size tabs they remain the same: 3 (12pt) - 4 (14pt) so you have to modify the text to observe if it's working or not. My other problem remains that this modification does not change the font sizes of all the pages that contain the specified font size. Is there a way to achieve this or do I have to modify all the texts manually? Thanks again
  4. Hi guys. I'm trying to find out how to change the default fonts from the tinyMCE. For example we have font sizes like 1 (8pt), 2 (10pt), 3 (12pt) etc. What i did was to write my products descriptions with the font of 3 (12pt) and a title of 4 (14pt), but I feel that this font is too big an it's not looking right. I would like to change the font, for example from 3 (12pt) to 3 (11pt), hoping that this would change the fonts in all my products descriptions without having to modify them, page by page, manually. Thanks. Best regards
  5. No mate. It was my bad. I misunderstood what you said. I'm not using awo coupons. Sorry. For me the problem remains the deleted orders
  6. I'm going to answer punctually to your questions as it may be usefull to others: - yes, this doesn't happen all the time, it worked fine before - I talked with the cutomers and they didn't add the other product - the products added were different - there was nothing special about these products Im using PrestaShop™ My shop is www.tratamentulnaturist.ro And I think the answer is that I deleted some old orders by the method vieworder&token=/deleteorder&token=. One of the products from the deleted orders appearred in my customers shopping carts. So this must be the problem. Thanks Pascal
  7. Hi guys. I have a problem with my shopping carts. I've had 2 customer shopping carts with an extra product in it that they didn't order. The thing is that the extra product doesn't add up to the total but it appears on the bill. Does anyone know what may be causing this? Thanks
  8. Hi guys. I found the "Meta Tags" in Preferences but I don't know what to change here to modify the "powered by". I cannot access the files on the server to modify it there. Also is there a way to find out what version of prestashop I am running whithout access to the server? Thanks
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