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  1. PS 1.4 is very old and with a lot of security vulnerabilities, and i highly doubt you will find any decent 1.4 themes. I suggest you to upgrade your store to PS 1.7.
  2. There are good ways and bad ways to do it, not every developer link is bad, but this developer chose the bad way, altho he promised to change it. The good way to link is not to use heading tags, but normal link tag, visible to the user so that he is aware of it, and with "no follow" tag for the link so that the link doesn't use your website SEO "juice".
  3. As a follow up, The developer “Waterthemes” has contacted us and although he requested the removal of some of the material in the article, which we refused to do, at least he promised that he will change the code in his module, and i really hope he will do it.
  4. Hello there, Recently i have noticed bad and harmful code used inside some of the free PrestaShop modules offered out there that can seriously harm your PrestaShop stores. In this case in particularly is the module called “Banner Popup Free Module PrestaShop 1.7” developed by waterthemes. While i did not test all his modules, i just want community to be aware for such bad practices and developers. You can read more about it on our blog article here.
  5. I did not said to read .htaccess i said to DELETE it, together with manual deletion of the cache and disable the URL rewrite (from the app) so you can check if the issue is with the URL rewrite of your server or something else. You are getting 404 and URL rewrite is the first thing to investigate obviously and you want to make sure its not cache issue too... PrestaShop has pretty good debug mode and can pinpoint directly what the server issue is if you know how to use it, additionally whatever the problem is with server or app, its not "assuming", computers are about investigation and ruling out, not assumptions and fortune telling. There is known problem of URL rewrites with PrestaShop and Nginx. Whats the point to give test URL if it doesn't work. Its pity that for 30 years you didn't learn to read and behave.
  6. Castris, You come to the forums and ask for help. You refuse to check logs (PS, PHP, JavaScript logs), refuse to give information on your PS config and server setup and config, refuse to debug PS and instead you assuming it is specific issue with your the server, even the link you provided https://tamainut.info (The connection has timed out The server at tamainut.info is taking too long to respond.) is not working. With the little information you have given, the best we can do is some wild guess of what could be wrong. And when i tried to help you with the little information you gave, you start offending me on how little i know... Its not even clear if you are seeing cache version or not... and you speaking about "software engineering"... amazing! I think that your problem is of a different kind.
  7. Hi again, Looking at the examples you gave, there is no easy answer. If you do them as separated products, you will have duplicate content for sure, and i'm not sure if rel=canonical will help much, some SEO expert should say how it is best in such cases. But if you do them as separated products, make sure to change their names, for example Window blind 1 - Red, or you can use more creatively Window blind 1 - California Red or Window blind 1 - trending Red and things like that to make them different a bit. I think that the users are the main concern, and it is best to try both variants and experiment and see how people will react and prefer. For example, make one dummy store and then create two categories, in one category add them as separated products and in the other add them as combined products, then ask like 20 people from your friends (who don't work in the industry), to browse both categories and to tell you what they liked and preferred more. This way you won't need to remake thousands of products later and you will have an idea about what users like better. The examples you gave they basically did them both ways, they have all the colors and images in the same product combined but they also make the same product for each color too with just a different color name and picture as main.
  8. Hi, This is not WordPress, you don't create pages and layout in the way you understand it. PrestaShop uses "Smarty PHP template engine" - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smarty_(template_engine) There are TPL (template) files in the theme folder, they are your "pages" but normally they are broken into smaller segments, like header.tpl, head.tpl and they construct the page together. There are mandatory things like checkout page, product page etc that are already included with the template (it doesn't matter if you use the starter theme or fork of the classic theme). By default you have all the required TPL's already there, so if you want to change the layout and structure of the product page for example you edit the product.tpl file. So If you want to add new "page" you can create your own TPL file and place it at the appropriate template folder/subfolder and call it at the appropriate place. Look at TPL files like HTML files, where you set divs/classes etc and then style it with CSS and JS. You can also extend existing TPL or override it with your own. Check out - https://devdocs.prestashop.com/1.7/themes/getting-started/theme-organization/ and see how it is organized. Start opening the theme folder /templates and look at all the TPl files and there contents and you will understand it. PrestaShop also use Symfony and its Twig template engine. Furthermore, Webpack and NPM are used to manage packages and segments and then compile the assets like CSS and JS, into one file. They are separated in many small files, like products.js and others that is later combined and compiled into one big theme.js That's why they are minified in the end result. You can find the unminified versions on the PrestaShop github page. Another helpful link is - https://belvg.com/blog/smarty-template-engine-in-prestashop-1-7-basics-examples-functions.html I suggest you to look at Smarty and Symfony engines websites and their docs too.
  9. Hi I just test it, and it is working fine for me. Check what is the SEO url that you setup for the product in the SEO tab of the product.
  10. Try to reset the module or uninstall it and install it again.
  11. Hi, .htaccess may come with PrestaShop installation (especially if imported from other server). Obviously you did not mention if there is PS Cache turn on (its on by default) or CDN setup. Debug mode on application level can help you point out the direction of what is the server issue. Friendly URL do had problems with translations in the past with PS. But i'm sorry i tried to help good luck.
  12. Hi, Check this documentation - https://devdocs.prestashop.com/1.7/themes/getting-started/.
  13. PrestaShop build-in product import is very limited and buggy, and if you plan to do this often, i suggest you to find an addon that offers more control over the process and has support - https://addons.prestashop.com/en/451-data-import-export
  14. Switch to default theme and disable the theme that you want to change the name. Then change the folder to the name you want and also change the name in your theme folder/config/theme.yml
  15. Hi, Nope you can't do that. You can edit your theme to display mouse over to different combinations of the product, like different images and things. Why do you want to show the same product as different ones? Even if you figure a way to do it, this is terrible for customer experience and many users will be confused.
  16. Start by disable the CDN and all caches (Server and PrestaShop), Enable Debug mode on PrestaShop and check what errors it will display for you. Also check PrestaShop logs in Var folder. Furthermore, disable the friendly URL's and delete the .htaccess and you can try to delete the Var/Cache folder (prod or dev or both).
  17. It is a server issue. Your system administrator have to check what is causing it, its PHP or the SQL.
  18. As I said earlier, there is a difference between "Language" and "Localization pack". The Bosnian language is available and you can download it, but there is no "Localization pack". The "Localization pack" includes currencies, formats, taxes, and other things, it is not only language translation. Go to International - > Translations in your admin, and under "add language" you will see the Bosnian language there.
  19. You can shorten the description in the PHP file of the module, but this is cosmetic issue, why does it bother you?
  20. Hi, It doesn't appear for me too, i think there is only Language translation available but not an localization pack with currency and taxes etc. I suggest you to submit it as bug on PrestaShop Github
  21. Hi there, I think that you need higher quality product pictures, perhaps you should hire a photographer to make setups on couches and beds and make good pictures with good lighting. Another thing is, a bit more product style and color variants, as a lot of them seems pretty much equal. I also don't like the bluish/gray buttons and price colors, it seem they merge with your products background too much.
  22. Hi, Nice theme, I suggest you to include some sub-category indicator on mobile view, as it is not natively understandable there is sub menu with more categories there.
  23. Hi, Thank you. Mobile design is very important, and at least we don't neglect it, in fact we keep a bunch of devices like iphones, ipads, android phones and tablets and old laptops just to test designs on them, because sometimes things that happen on real devices doesn't happen on simulations of mobile devices, so we don't take mobile lightly. Also, you have to know that all the themes on Addons market are based on Bootstrap framework, this is mandatory requirement by PrestaShop in order the themes to be accepted on the market. Bootstrap framework is mobile first framework, this mean that all themes on the market are mobile first by default. But it is still a bit unclear for me, are you talking about layout and designs or more of a technical stand point? Perhaps you may share what you think and screenshot or drawing.
  24. Your store is using custom theme made by Leotheme , it would be best to contact them directly. Otherwise, if you insist on thrid party help, you can post your requirements in Job Offers here
  25. You should not really do that, as there are people with really wrong and offensive names that are legitimate real names, so if you ban them because of the name and it is a real name on his ID, will be very bad. With that said, you need a developer agency or freelancer to create such functionality for you.
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