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  1. Hello! I have a question which I have no answer to, though I have searched the forum and examined prestashop itself very carefully. How do order statuses influence the quantity of the products automatically, if they can do it at all? I mean, I need to change status to shipped and expect, for example, if there was ordered 1 blouse which quantity was 5 in stock to become 4 after that. If presta manages these things automatically in any way please, please let me know! I just bump into it over and over. It is such a pain to manually go through products and change the quantity after they are sold.
  2. hello How do people even choose such number of combinations if you succeed? I am totally interested in what the hell is that product. About the problem. It is just normal that it does work so slow. It is not expected to do that. You should use less combinations. Your server may also have the limit so you should ask your hosting company
  3. This is not automatic. Just tags for doing things with stock manually. I mean where can I find how to tell system that it should for example automatically decrease stock for ordered products when I change order status from In preparation to Shipped?
  4. That is interesting. And how can I do that? I cannot find any signs of managing these mystic mechanisms I mean, I know that I can name reasons of stock movement with different names in Catalog→Stock Movement and make them default or not but I can't see where I can manage that they decrease stock on order and such
  5. I might be extremely happy to know in which cases it works automatically except what you mentioned (editing product). What worries me most is what happens after order and sale, does it decrease the stock
  6. Subscribed to the topic, bexvlad Waiting for your another thoughts on the topic because I really don't know too what the hell is this stock movement
  7. Hello everyone! I need the products from orders to decrease in quantity after I apply certain statuses to them: for example, Delivered, Reserved or Sent. It seemes completely logical that Prestashop could do that out of the box but then I tried and it didn't. Also, I need them to "return back" if the order is cancelled. I sell clothes. So, for example, there was placed an order on a blouse (1 item of it) and I have 1 item in stock. I see new order, call the customer and arrange all the details about delivery. After that I change status from Preparation to Reserved. I would like the quantity of the blouse to become 0, so no one can buy it. Or, I can even deliver or send it very quickly so there is no need to reserve. I change status from Preparation to Sent or Delivered and I, again, expect the blouse to be 0 in stock after that. And, alternately, if the client cancelled that order and it would not be delivered, I change its status to "Cancelled" and I expect that the blouse's quantity is 1 in stock again. Please, answer my question if you know: is it possible to do that with prestashop settings or should I add some code? Could this be added without spilling too much blood on my keyboard after fighting with the MySQL and code stuff for many hours? P.S. What does the option "Consider the associated order as validated" mean when I edit order status settings?
  8. I still have hope that someone can hint me. I didn't find the solution by now
  9. Hello! We are creating an online shop using Prestashop 1.3.6 with automatic update using PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser and supplier's website. Supplier's products can be In stock, "Not available temporarily" (they usually change to "In stock" after 5-7 days) and Out of Stock, will not be restocked. The products in our shop have 4 statuses. 1. when the product is in our stock, it has quantity >1 and our status in front office is "In stock". We do not update these products from supplier until we sell them. 2. when the product is out of stock, its qty is 0 and such products are updated from supplier's website with a script that uses parser. In this case it can have 3 statuses in our website depeding on the suppliers' statuses. 2a. Supplier: "In stock" - Our shop: "Available for order, shipping 7-14 days". Customer can add such product to cart, the button is enabled. 2b. Supplier: "Not available temporarily" - Our shop: "Not available temporarily". Add to cart button is disabled. 2c. Supplier: "Out of stock, will not be restocked" - Our shop - disable such product. I describe all this so you can see that we managed to apply this update system fully and it is working properly, when the products don't have attributes. But attributes (colors, in our case), are entities just like separate products but they do not have separate fields to disable them. We do not know how to solve this problem by now. We even managed to update attributes somehow, but if update finds attribute that is "Not available", they all become not available. We need a separate status for each one. My question is, anyone knows what to do in this case? That is, making attributes act more like separate products.
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