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  1. Haha! Really, password_query.html template from mails was missing. I'm downloaded my version of PrestaShop 1.4.9 from here, unarchived and uploaded .html and .txt files via FTP. All is working now! Thank you suatje for ideea!
  2. Thanks for the reply, I'm tested many times and with 0.4 validation.php all is OK.. Thank you so much for the module!
  3. Huh! Solved!! I used 2Checkout module from Official website.. I mean version from github .. Version 0.7. This version are pretty cool but have some design mismatches with theme and the problem I described... I solved Hash Mismatch! by replacing validation.php from another 2CO module (v.0.4.) I attached this file.. Also design mismatch I changed file and now it looks as in PayPalAPI module.. Also I changed the logo by another that looks better.. If someone has the same problem.. this will help you.. validation.php payment_execution.tpl.zip
  4. Hello there! I have integrated recently 2Checkout module in my shop.. I'm configured as in readme file description but After payment redirection to https://myshop.com/modules/checkout/validation.php customers gives an error: Anyone knows how to solve this problem??? Much appreciated any response... Sincerely, Larry
  5. I want to ask.. If I will modify this parameter, users will be notified about this.. I mean notifications about that password must containing at least 5 or 6 or other number of characters?
  6. Nice module! Also I want to ask, module on left side on your website is Slideout? If yes, how you added FB Like,Twitter, Google etc?
  7. Great module! Very useful if you have a lot of products..
  8. Hello all! Here is an Romanian translation with diacritics (ă, î, ș, ț) ro.php
  9. The only Prestashop developers can solve this issue.. I tried many times & finally to upload the *.urls istead of files.. there is no solutions..
  10. I have searched in many forums in the past for 2Checkout module.. and now I'm knowing that module is officially posted by 2CO on their website.. And here is the page on 2CO website: https://www.2checkou...art/prestashop/ craigchristenson-PrestaShop-2Checkout-5677aba.zip
  11. Batch Downloadable Product module did not solve the problem. File 89 Mb stops at 10.13 MB
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