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  1. So my current 1.4.9 theme doesn't work on 1.4.11; bought a theme from leothemes that they told me should work with 1.4.11 but it doesn't work and they can't seem to fix it; and asked a support agent from eggthemes / presthemes (turns out to be the same guy O.o) if a theme of theirs that was compatible with 1.4.9 worked with 1.4.11 and after testing, he told me it doesn't work. So what themes out there are compatible? I don't even see 1.4.11 in the prestashop addons as a setting for prestashop version.
  2. Need a text/photo good delivery module

    Yes but some are photos. I've been using the barcodeupload / serialnumber upload modules from presto-changeo but we've been under constant hack attack recently and our host suspects that it's the module that was being exploited. Even if it wasn't, I'd like to use a single module for this job instead of having to switch back and forth between two modules and worry about a product having both a photo code and a text code uploaded at the same time in which case the customer received two codes. Also as I mentioned, I'm looking for a "future-proof" module as well with the 1.4.11 & 1.5.x compatibility.
  3. Willing to pay a decent amount for someone who can develop a module that will allow me to upload text/photo keys to it and then send it out when order processes (determine before/after status) This will be for prestashop 1.4.11 and it should work with 1.5.x as well or you must include an upgrade in future. Send me PM if you're interested, I'll provide you more details.
  4. So sorry about late reply, but yes I confirm that the fix is working.
  5. So this will work with Prestashop 1.4.9? Also will this work with multi currency? I believe iDevAffiliate requires you to add a line of code for different currencies to the tracking code so that i t can calculate the adjusted commission value.
  6. There is sorting but there is no option to sort by best sellers, etc. and no specific sorting is selected by default.
  7. Sorry about late reply. Also for pagination there is nothing about top sellers and nothing's chosen.
  8. So I'm using the default best sales/top sellers module in prestashop but when you click on the module to go to the grid list of products, it seems to sort them backwards; putting the best sellers at the last page. How can I fix/reverse this?
  9. [module] HTML box for free

    Module is working great but how can I create a second block? I want to use this module for another html code in a different block.
  10. Design new buttons for my theme

    I just mean that you need to make sure the new btton is installed correctly. For example the layout may be messed up, etc.
  11. I love everything about my theme except for it's add to cart buttons, etc. which all use this 1 same theme. I need someone to change this button style. PM me if you're interested with your portfolio if you have. I will then provide link to my site via response. Not too much budget as you can see this is rather small task. Designer must also integrate the new button style to my site and troubleshoot any bugs.