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  1. Hi. If you click on someone's order, you can cancel some or all the products he ordered. The problem is that I also want to add. I'm using prestashop to enable my resellers to order from me, and sometimes they order let's say 4 beers, forgetting I can sell only 6-packs. So I want to add 2 to their invoice. How can I do that? Big thanks!
  2. I want to disable SSL from "Preferences" but I get no radio button to do that: http://imagebin.org/171394 Maybe it's a bug? When I try to access the "Log in", "Contact" or other pages that would require SSL i get a 404 error of Page not found and the URL changes to https. How can I disable this from the PS files?
  3. I accidentally deleted my shop running on 1.4.4 (updated about 2 days ago lol). Database is latest. I didn't made any backup so I went back and uploaded a backup of 1.4.0 from June. Did everything by the book, I could access the BackOffice but FrontOffice is blank. I decided to upgrade, also did it by the book and now I have access to's BackOffice but the FrontOffice is still blank. DB settings are correct, also tried a new theme, nothing. Please give me a suggestion as I'm out of ideas.
  4. Magazinul are monedele RON, USD si EUR. Moneda implicita este EUR. As vrea sa accept plati cu PayPal pentru Romania. Adica clientul sa plateasca cu cardul, in lei. Problema e ca nu se poate, imi zice: PayPal response: TIMESTAMP -> 2011-05-29T09:27:53Z L_ERRORCODE0 -> 10605 L_ERRORCODE1 -> 10001 L_SHORTMESSAGE0 -> Transaction refused because of an invalid argument. See additional error messages for details. L_SHORTMESSAGE1 -> Transaction failed due to internal error L_LONGMESSAGE0 -> Currency is not supported L_LONGMESSAGE1 -> Internal Error L_SEVERITYCODE0 -> Error L_SEVERITYCODE1 -> Error Eroare PayPal Ce pot sa fac? Stiu ca pot sa aleg din currency restrictions sa fie EUR sau USD insa nu e o varianta buna pentru ca PP face conversia din lei, in EUR/USD la cursul stabilit de ei, eu primesc acesti USD sau EUR pe care apoi ii transforma iar banca in lei, la cursul bancii. Va rog frumos, o mana de ajutor...
  5. I have the same issue. Where can I see what's new in 1.4.1 FINAL? New modules, new things. So far works great and I don't want to upgrade just for the sake of it.
  6. From the voucher type dropdown list I can choose: 1. Discount % 2. Discount amount 3. Free shipping. I need to create vouchers that gives a % discount and also free shipping. How can I do that? Please help me. I will enter a groupon-like program and I have to make 100% +free shipping voucher, since customers already payed. So, it would be nice that upon entering voucher code, they won't have to choose payment method, just create the order in the db. Or to, really keep track of my sales, the customer enters voucher code, it shows the REAL voucher discount (aprox 70%) but customer doesn't have to pay anything. I guess I ask too much. PS: I tried to create same voucher twice, one for percent discount and one for free shipping, but it won't allow me.
  7. I have 1.4, clean install. The "39" product was the last product i added, and it made dissapear all the rest in the BO (they were ok in FO) I deleted from the phpmyadmin in ps_products the number 39 and all show ok now. Do I have to delete this product from other tables too?
  8. I have items in this category but they won't show up. If I click Filter or Reset i get the invalid security token message:
  9. In the Shipping tab -> Carriers if I modify a carrier it's ID simply get's higher in increments of 1. Also, do you know how I could delete the orders, I made some test orders with my test account and I keep seeing them in Orders tab.
  10. It won't work for me. It's themes/prestashop/category.tpl right? i'm using the default theme.
  11. I need to have my manufactures logo to be 120*60. I added in PREFERENCES->IMAGE a new image type and selected only "This type will be applied to manufacturer images". For the rest of the image types i deselected for manufactures. I don't know where to edit the code to have this image size available only for manufactures. Please help me. Thank you!
  12. I have found this in cashondelivery.php as i don't have the .tpl file. Is it ok? EDIT: IT works well! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  13. This would not cause a problem. The "extra tables" store only logged visitor data -- data used by stats modules. In terms of functional backup, they basically amount to "bloat". That's the rationale for providing an option to exclude 'em. . I'm relieved to hear that you're using phpmyadmin. . Prior to running the installer, drop all tables via phpmyadmin. Run the installer. Return to phpmyadmin and drop all tables (yes, again) Import your backup via SSH mysql commandline mysql -uUSERNAME -pPASSWORD DATABASENAME < MYBACKUPFILE.sql ( or paste the content from your 1238uadf.sql backup file into the phpmyadmin "SQL" box and click "Go!" ) Visit your BackOffice login URL and verify S'okay. Visit your FrontOffice and verify the homepage loads. Thank you, it worked great!
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