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  1. I am going to take payments from both Paypal and Google Checkout, the Paypal logo is displayed quite prominately on the home page and you you can click on the logo for details. However even though I have configured the Google checkout module, I do not have a logo for Google Checkout. How would I add this? Google gives a HTML code snippet however there is nowhere I can see to paste this. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. The NO box on mine is ticked as default does this make it more secure or less secure, as the way I read it is the token is not disabled?
  3. Deleted the cache in internet explorer, tools, internet options, delete and this cleared all the existing data.
  4. In the preference tab there is an an option to "increase front office security", "Enable or disable token on the Front Office in order to improve PrestaShop security". If I enable are there any potential problems, is it best left disabled or enabled? .
  5. Sorry to seem ignorant but I do not normally use forums. How do I close a thread I created. Thanks
  6. How do I delete an image that I previously used in homepage logo on the modules- homepage edititor as I have added a new image and the old image is still in the background, even after clearing the browser cache
  7. Thanks again worked spot on even for an amateur like me, I moved across from Zencart and still learning. Hope to go live by the weekend.
  8. Thanks it worked a treat. Is there any safe way to clean the database of trial orders and customer details and reset all the numbers back to 1. I know you can purchase an add on module called PSE Terminator 1.4. But it $60 and not something I will use everyday.
  9. I set up a trial customer to see if my Prestashop was working ok. After trial the setup I deleted the trial customer from back office. I now want to resign the trial cusromer up to do more testing however even though I have deleted the customer and the customers address, I cannot resign the trial customer up as the email address is the same. If I go to the front office and try to sign in I get a warning that the customer does not exist. Is there any way of deleting a customer completely. Thanks
  10. Sorry if this has already been asked, but I have had a look around and not found the answer so far. How do I make my Prestashop operate so it fills the full screen of the monitor and the left and right columns are aginst the edges of the screen . I have tried editing the global.css file in THEMES and altering the centre width, however this just causes all the columns from the right to move to the centre or left of the screen. I want to keep the left and right columns as well. If this is dificult to do, is there a widescreen template that I could use instead? Thanks
  11. Tried Prestashop with a different hosting company and it seems to work ok.
  12. I am using, but have also tried the latest Beta version. I have tried on both Linux and Windows server with same problem. I can get Zencat to work perfect, but prefer Presta shop for it's aesthetics and ease of use.
  13. Every time I add an image to a product and click save, I get UPDATE SUCCESFUL. However the number of images on the image tab remains at zero and when I goto to my website the image is not there, and no available image is shown. I have tried uploading all different sizes of images to no avail. Can anybody help Please
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