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  1. thanks. I did what you suggested and i have no more errors in LOGS....but i cannot access BO (error 500). It allows me to enter BO only on DEBUG "ON" that i have to turn it on or off via ftp. Do you know what could it be? and how i could solve the problem? Regards Fabrizio
  2. You should restore your last backup. Almost every single hosting providers has this service. After that.....i think that the problem could be a "folder permissions problem" or a "uncorrect php version" not supported anymore. Since you are using PS 1.6., and if i remember right it used to used php 5.1 or less....many hosting providers do not support or give support to that php version anymore because obsolate. Keep us posted. Regards Falabby
  3. Hello Everybody, I hope you can help me. I run prestashop for several years but i never had the following problem. After updated PS version from to (and the same errors did not get solved even updating it to and to, when i surf my BackEnd and i click, on the left column, on CUSTOMERS i get the list of my customers, then if i click on the name of one customer, i get the following message ....so i turn on the debug mode and i do the same....and i get the errors showed in the files called CUSTOMERS1 and CUSTOMERS2 ...then i noticed it happen the same if i click even on ORDERS and i get the following message: What do you think it happened?....how could i fix it? Thanks in advance for your help and support Regards Fabrizio
  4. Hello Everybody. I just updated my PS to and i got lots of problems: 1. in my backend, in the MODULE section, the SEARCH for modules does not work anymore 2. to upgrade exiting modules does not work anymore. When i click on a module UPGRADE, it goes in loop and does not upgrade 3. in the module list i get the following message: you do not have a module in «Product Page» - and - you do not have a module in «Customers» - and - you do not have a module in «Specialized Platforms». I also updated my php version to 7.3 What should i do? Regards Fabrizio
  5. I updated the moduel to 5.3.1 and now there is another error. Standard cart work fine.....but as soon as anybody use a coupon the payment is correctly processed but in prestashop backend we recive the message as ERROR OF PAYMENT from paypal....even if the money are correctly deposited on paypal account
  6. Hello, i would suggest you to upgrade your hosting profile. It is a matter related to your hosting profile and hosting company.
  7. RISOLTO. Avevo il modulo GDPR PRO che andava in conflitto (ho la versione PS dopo l'upgrade. E' bastato SCOLLEGARE il modulo dall'ancoraggio (hook) displayAdminCustomers Il modulo funziona e posso rientrare nei CLIENTI. A presto Falabby
  8. Ciao , puoi condividere quali modifiche sono state fatte affinchè GDPR pro non vada in conflitto con l'ultima versione di Prestashop?
  9. Hello Everybody, I run an ecommerce with prestashop 1.7.4. I need to add a column in the ORDER LIST page. The column should show, and then filter, the customer group the single customer has been assigned. Do you know if there is a module or a solution to it that would last in case of upgrade of prestashop? Regards Fabrizio
  10. I have copied needed translations from FOLLOWUP mails and pasted the folder (in my case was italian so the folder was IT) inside the MAILS folder of PS_Reminder and it worked even if via backend it is not editable...so when i need to edit it i do it via FTP.
  11. io lo ho completamente disinstallato. Non ho problemi con un catalogo di oltre 50 tra cat e subcat, oltre 600 referenze, oltre 40 ordini gg
  12. Hai provato a disabilitare il modulo ESPERIENZA COMMERCIANTE?.....quello si succhia parecchie risorse e rallenta tantissimo
  13. just use the TRANSLATION tool and give the name you prefer as a translation
  14. Ciao @Walker1982, hai provato a cancellare la cache del sito dal sito? Fammi sapere.....e se vuoi aiuto....sono disponibile. Saluti
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