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  1. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help with this. I've gone through the search results, but can't find an answer. The only thing that has changed for my website (which was fully functional yesterday and the for the past few years), is that we were migrated from a shared server to a dedicated server. Today, a customer complained that after trying to reset her password, she received an Authentication Failed error when she tried using the newly generated password. I tried to recreate this issue with a test account, and indeed this happened to me as well. However, I am able to successfully log in with Firefox and Chrome. But, when I try to do so with Safari, it does not work (I've tried on my computer and phone) and I get the error. I have cleared the website's cache, and I have also cleared the cache in my browser. Still get the error. Any insights on this? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! I'm running version:
  2. Did you ever find a solution to this? I just moved my fully functional website to a new server and have been getting this error as well.
  3. Hi! So I have read several other threads about this, but nothing seems to be working for me. Maintenance mode was working last week, but now I can't get it to work properly. According to my database, maintenance mode is in fact enabled (PS_SHOP_ENABLE is set to 0). But, I can still see the website everywhere. I even removed all whitelist IP addresses, and it still shows. I have tried changing the code in classes/tools.php as recommended in another thread, but that didn't work. I have cleared the cache. I can't seem to get this to work. Any ideas? I am running version
  4. Thanks so much for making it free! I'm going to try and implement this today.
  5. I have looked through the module files, and I can't see anything referencing any API urls. To me, it seems that it only affects you if you use a firewall. I don't know much about API/payment processing though, so I'm really hoping this Akamai change doesn't affect the Prestashop module. According to Authorize.net, nothing changes until June 30, 2016, so things should still be running smoothly in the meantime. We are using the module and we have still been able to receive orders/payments. Edit: I'm still using a previous version of the module, so maybe that's why I haven't been negatively affected by this update. Now I'm worried about upgrade to the most current version of the module...
  6. Hi! I've looked through search results, and it seems strange to me that there is still no solution to exclude specific items from a Cart Rule. Up until a couple months ago, I was still running v. 1.4 and it allowed you to exclude certain products from vouchers. For example, I will be running a 10% off promo online. I do not want the 10% to be applied to any Gift Card purchases. Is there an easy way to go about this? The Product Selection option does not help, since as long as an item that falls under one of the product selection categories, the 10% off will be applied to the whole cart. Hope someone has a working solution for this or any insight on the issue! Thank you!
  7. I have tried reading multiple articles and threads here about slow sites, and I still can't seem to solve this problem. The slowness seemed to begin when I enabled SSL (which I need to have enabled for security purposes). I have cache enabled and have uninstalled many of the unused modules. My YSlow rating is a 92% and PageSpeed is 79%, but I really don't know how I can increase my Page Speed score (it asks me to serve scaled images, which I've tried but made no difference; and to avoid redirects, but I don't know how I can do this as this is part of the config in the back office). I do not know how to investigate further as to what is slowing down the website. Any suggestions?
  8. We just moved to a new host with unlimited disk space, so I don't know if that could be the issue. I will try and contact their live support once they open just to double check though. Can you think of another solution that I could try in the mean time? Maybe I will try and replace the smarty folder completely to see if it is a corrupt folder. Thanks!
  9. Would that just involve replacing the smarty folder with one from a fresh installation? As of now, the issue still persists, but I've just decided to leave the cache settings alone. But turning it on would probably help with loading speeds.
  10. I have seem to fix it. Just in case anyone else runs into this error... I had initially tried to delete class_index.php in the cache folder as other posters suggested, but that returned even more errors. I also tried to change the actual table value in phpmyadmin by changing the value for psprefix_smarty_cache to 0 (assuming this would disable the caching that I had initially enabled). Neither worked. Instead, I just replaced the entire cache folder. That seemed to do the trick. This post can be marked as solved. Thanks.
  11. I was testing something with my store and enabled the Cache on the back office. This was the only change that I had made, and now my website is broken. I've tried multiple searches but can't seem to find anyone else that has run into this problem. I am running 1.6 and have turned the debugging mode on. I can no longer access either front or back office and don't know how I can go back and disable the cache setting to get things functioning again. This is the error that I get: Fatal error: Call to undefined method Shop::initialize() in .../shop/config/config.inc.php on line 101 Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  12. Sorry to drag out this old topic, but I'm having the same issue. Except, I am running it locally as I am still working on the site. I have enabled SSL on xampp, I am using my Stripe account with the test secret and test publishable keys. But, when I go to Modules > Payment, under Stripe, it will not let me enable the module for the Dollar (or any other currency). Any help would be great! Thanks!
  13. Hey guys, Sorry to hijack this thread. I seem to be having the same issue with a slow website, except when I disable blockcategories module, the site runs as normal and isn't slow anymore. I have obviously narrowed it down to the module and I have tried some fixes that have been suggested in other threads, but to no avail. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  14. Hey everyone! So I've done some searching, and I've tried some solutions posted on here, but haven't really been able to get this issue fixed. I contacted my host about slow load times, as I was noticing that on our cPanel the Server Load was well over 20 at times (1cpu). I received a report back saying that category.php was using up a lot of memory and it was recommended that I optimize the script. Just a little background: I have smarty enabled, ccc is all checked off except for high risk HTML, force compile is disabled, and I am not using Memcache. My php.ini file says that memory_limit is set to 128MB. I am running version There are times when I'll get lightning fast speeds, but the majority of the time, pingdom gives me a 61/100 rating. The URL is www.melmira.com Any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Strange. It just stopped happening? It stopped for a couple days for me, and it started up again. EDIT: I got it fixed. I changed the statsforecast.php file and updated it with the SVN revision. http://svn.prestashop.com/trunk/modules/statsforecast/
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