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  1. Thanks Tomer. But i dont see how that will do it? The letters are priced different for upper-case & lower-case fonts, I dont see how the text area will calculate a price based on what the name is? unless I am missing a neat trick with PS?? The only other way i can think of is creating a category, then 2 x child category for upper-case & lower-case, then add the alphabet letters as products. the customer will then choose which letters and what sizes in order to spell out there name. I would have really wanted it to be a 1 page solution though. Thanks
  2. Hello All Can PS handle a product that has multiple options in qty's? Let me explain... We want to sell custom signs, The signs can consist of Upper case & Lower case letters & punctuation + numerals We want a product with a base price of 0, Then add to it by option, each option will increase the price + have qty fields (the qty field is important - look at the 2x s below) 1x Uppercase P 1x lowercase r 1x lowercase e 2x lowercase s 1x lowercase t 1x lowercase a 1x lowercase o 1x lowercase p The product will say "Prestashop" in custom lettering etc Can this be done? Thanks in advance
  3. GREAT module and easy to use once you have figured out how to cross promote stuff, You need to tweak it so it suits your products or categories. The pagination was not there so if you have more than 20 offers listed in BO they dont show, HOWEVER mr whiteliner show me how to get around this and is going to update the module to fix this. We had problems with this module conflicting with Sagepay and Paypal, but again Mr Whiteliner is helping us :-) A+ Module - BOGOF (Buy 1 get 1 free) is the "holy grail" of E-Commerce !!
  4. Any ideas I know it works because it was working fine in v1.3.6 the other day. That outrules any server issues or certificate wildcard issues Here is what I have done to try and get SSL working 1. turn on SSl in BO 2. disabled Google Analytics - just in case 3. added this to .htaccess RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80 RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://www.mydomain.co.uk/$1 [R,L] 4. used httpwatch to try and track down any non https elements, cant find any Getting really stuck now :-( Sorry mods you may want to move this to Security section
  5. Im trying to figure out why i get ssl errors in chrome/safari ect I have used {$base_dir_ssl} where appropriate, but some modules use {$link->getPageLink some of these links are not using https? is there a secure version of {$link->getPageLink Thanks
  6. Hello Everyone Can anyone help me track down my non https page elements? Im looking through google chrome and cant find anything non ssl like images or css I have ssl turned on and its 100% confirmed working on the server, but something is non secure http I have used {$base_dir_ssl} instead of {$base_dir} where I have changed anything and im now going mental trying to find it Thanks in advance Oh the link HERE
  7. This does not work in 1.4.XX I have made some changes to friendly urls in category names and now they are no longer in alphabetical order Any ideas how do i refresh the the order, stacking the order in BO does not change the front, I am using dynamic categories block in 1.4 Thanks
  8. Has anybody been able to find a link to connect PS 1.4 to Mamut Enterprise CRM? Thanks
  9. Why does the home page text editor make it impossible for non technical users to remove the homepage logo & logo subheading? Example; I dont want the image of iphones on my homepage, in fact i dont want any image there, Just want h1 heading text h2 subheading text and then text. So when i remove the image and image subheading why does it compress all 3 html elements into 1 line? Now i am going to roll my sleeves up and tweak the editorial.tpl - But just how does the prestashop team expect non technical e-commerce store owners to do this?
  10. In header.tpl remove the standard stylesheet and add something like this <!-- if language is equal to EN add this --> {if $lang_iso == en}{include file=$tpl_dir./path-to-css-file.css}{/if} <!-- if language is equal to DE add this --> {if $lang_iso == de}{include file=$tpl_dir./path-to-css-file.css}{/if} <!-- if language is equal to ES add this --> {if $lang_iso == es}{include file=$tpl_dir./path-to-css-file.css}{/if} It should work?
  11. HI Diego You could try to do a smarty include where you have the text "size guide", try this <?php $cms = new CMS(1, intval($cookie->id_lang)); if (Validate::isLoadedObject($cms)) $smarty->assign('content', $cms->content); ?> and change the 1 for the correct CMS page id Not sure if that is going to work but no harm trying it, if not just copy the size guide text into your new tab area.
  12. OK so here is the email & here is the store Anyone know how to do this without the token messing things up if a user is not logged in and is a guest. Remember I CANT add any php to my html newsletter. Thanks in advance people
  13. Find the product.tpl fle and then add another tab, look for this part and change it to this Good luck Product More infos size guide Product More infos
  14. How do i get a user to add to cart from a html newsletter Currently i am using the url with & without the token but both cant find the product and give an error 01.invalid token Any help please Thanks
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