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  1. Sorry just bumping this up in the hope that someone can help me???? Anyone???? Sorry - hit submit twice!
  2. Sorry just bumping this up in the hope that someone can help me???? Anyone????
  3. Hello, I want to have the category title worked into the image that appears. Is it possible via BO to adjust this image based on the language selected? If not possible via BO, has anyone managed to get this working? Thanks in advance, Linda
  4. omi god ... thank you Rellik!!! I am soooo relieved to have this one resolved - really appreciate you taking the time to respond! And such an easy fix!
  5. Hello, I am upgrading to v. with a lot of headaches. The latest problem I have encountered is that my product images are not appearing properly in bo or fo. Below is an example of how the image loads in both fo and bo: However, when I look in the img folder, it seems to be loaded correctly would anyone have any ideas about how I can resolve this PLEASE??????? Thank you in advance, Linda
  6. Hello, As the physical shop was opened before the products were entered in prestashop, we decided to put a version of our site live with basic information (contact details, address, opening hours, etc). Now, I want to proceed to setting up the actual shop but don't know where to start since the website is live. Could anyone give me pointers on how to test an order creation and payment without making anything visible to the customer until I am finished? I would really appreciate any help on this :-) Thanks, Linda
  7. I would really appreciate if anyone could help me identify why my ps_connections_page table is empty ?? Please :-) Linda
  8. Hello, I am having some problems with my stats (namely the Statstrackvisits mod which tells me that I have had no visitors). I checked my database and ps_connections has 20 pages of entries. However, ps_connections_page has no entries. Would anyone know why my ps_connections_page table is empty? Thank you in advance, Linda
  9. Hello, I am also having this problem ... when I try to add, subtract or when I manually change the qty in the text box, nothing appears to happen. when I refresh the page, I have the correct quantity. Any ideas what I should reset or reload to get the contents of the cart to refresh automatically? Thanks Linda
  10. Mattm, did you have any luck? I am looking for a module that does the following: 1)Allow customer to subscribe to newsletter simply by entering email address? (no drop down box like default newsletter block) 2)Validate email address? (incorrect, already subscribed) 3)Move to error page where customer can enter correct email address 4)Unsubscribe page Thanks!
  11. Thank you sooooo much for this post ... I have been playing with hooks for 2 days trying to get the user account info (myblockaccount) to appear!!! When all along, I just needed to add User Block Info!!!! doh! Thanks again!
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