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  1. I'm still on 1.3 so I'm afraid I can't help you since I'm not familiar with 1.4
  2. Go to the modules tab and look for it then go to the config, there you'll see the page like the one pictured in his post
  3. Download the module attached to his message.
  4. On the global CSS it's background: url("../img/firetile2.jpg") repeat scroll 0 0 ; on the header I tried
  5. I already added a picture to the background, the problem is that it's affecting other areas like the backoffice, see the picture below Edit: I tested that module, didn't work for me since it requires a big picture and I'm using tiles.
  6. I saw in another thread that adding the background image to the header instead of the global css solves the problem, I tried but it screwed up the layout
  7. Hello, I managed to change the background in my shop but I got a problem, it's affecting more than just the background, I'm getting the same image in the description boxes on the products in the back office and pop-up windows in the front office(for exemple, the terms and conditions page), what do I do?
  8. I give up on this, hopefully when I upgrade for a 1.4 stable version they are gone.
  9. It seems the problem with the Product Category 1.2.1 module is related to products with combinations, that's all I could find D:
  10. I'm having some problems with this module... It doesn't work on a certain product category, the carrousel doesn't move at all. For exemple, it doesn't work here http://www.darkfront.com.br/loja/aneis/120-black-hemlock-poison-ring.html but works on every other category How can I fix this? Edit: also, as you can see on the link above, the category on the left doesn't show up when you're in a product page, what's wrong?
  11. Just to make it clear, do I copy the hook and place it right before "{if $packItems|@count > 0}" or do I remove the hook and put it right before that line? I tried both. How do I force compile, can't find it in the back office I'm using Edit: I found the problem, I deactivated force compile cuz my site was too slow thanks to the google analytics module. I activated now and did what you said and it worked, thanks
  12. Didn't seem to work...or probably I'm doing it wrong, my programming knowledge is almost zero D:
  13. Hello, Right now, my product page looks like the picture attached and I want to exchange the module position for the "More Info" tab one as pictured, how can I do this?
  14. I'm afraid giftwraps are for the entire catalog. Don't think you can do that without using combinations unless you get a module that does that(don't know of any, sorry) By the way, do you have a screenshot of how combinations affect your site? Maybe it's something you could fix on the CSS file.
  15. yes, you can add it just like any other attribute, just go to the attribute page and add "Calibration"(ou whatever you want to name it). When you add the said attribute to the product, look for the "Impact on price:" field
  16. You can find free alternatives that work perfectly for most things The only things I really miss is a SEO module...can't find a good one for free at all, I rather edit all items manually than pay 250 for that
  17. Is it possible to make products invisible automatically when the stock reaches 0? If so, how do I do this? Thanks
  18. I'm getting some errors with this module, some translations aren't applied, for exemple the error message "You must fill all fields." isn't translated at all even tho I filled the translation field.
  19. Hmm, I can't find the download link in there PS: I clicked "read more"
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