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  1. Sorry, i had a problem with my language(spanish) but after create a subfolder es into mails, the module is working! Thank you op!
  2. I installed module version 1.2.1(the last in this post) and it isn't working with ps When I deactivate and activate an user again nothing happen, the module is enabled therefore I don't understand. How can I see what error occur when I activate or deactivate users?
  3. You can see in the attached file. Is point to the chunk of code I wrote, line 169.
  4. Anybody can help me? I have headache with this problem, I don't know what to check for solve. I replace chunks of code with default prestashop file ajax-cart.js, but it still not working. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Hi, I have a problem when I try to delete a item in my block cart(I can delete in checkout process) but when I try to delete by ajax block cart but it is not work. Using Chrome's inspector shows where is the error and going to the line 169 I see this: // Common product management if (!customizationId) { //retrieve idProduct and idCombination from the displayed product in the block cart var firstCut = $(this).parent().data('id').replace('cart_block_product_', ''); //ERROR firstCut = firstCut.replace('deleteCustomizableProduct_', ''); ids = firstCut.split('_'); productId = parseInt(ids[0]); if (typeof(ids[1]) != 'undefined') productAttributeId = parseInt(ids[1]); if (typeof(ids[2]) != 'undefined') idAddressDelivery = parseInt(ids[2]); } The line 169 caused the problem. I try to replace this file with the file by default of Prestashop and I replaced just one part as well... but no results. Can anyone help me? Thanks.
  6. So easy! just do this: Go to Orders > States, uncheck "Send email customer" (or similar because I use Spanish as language) I'll mark the thread as SOLVED.
  7. I see that the two emails correspond with pay by cheque and order confirmation. Can I just send this last mail? i don't want to send a mail because the customer paid with cheque. Thanks.
  8. Hi, Can someone where I have to modify for cheque module send just one mail? Actually it is send two mails, one for "in waiting for pay by cheque" and another for "confirmation order". I need only the last mail that correspond with "confirmation order". Can anybody help me? Thanks.
  9. Hi, I have a menu with a link "Log in" and always is static. I need change Login/logout when user is logged in or logged out but in this module i can't use typical {if $logged...} because the chunk of code that check this is for any link that you put in menu, and I just need change this link. I though use javascript but i can't check from javascript if a user is logged in or not and after change html title and "a" tag. What do you suggest? Thanks.
  10. Yes, I though that. But is a little uncomfortable that customers have two accounts. So well, now I think this is a temporally solution. Thanks for your answer.
  11. If I create a customer account from back office and I activate the customer, it is not send a email. Is it only work when a customer register herself/himself? Thanks.
  12. I have same problem, both modules are working, and if i deactivate blocksearch of Prestashop, the search dissapear from the shop Can you help us? Thanks.
  13. Thanks for your answer, I tell you what I pretend to do. The shop is private, then my customers need to show the products to their customers without prices(catalog mode) and they need see the prices when they want to buy. Then my customers are in one group with you suggestion, or they are in other. Therefore, they have catalog mode, or they haven't. They need both. Thanks again.
  14. I found a variable which allow to switch the state that I want change, is PS_CATALOG_MODE, but this is a global variable. How can I change from my index view? Thanks.
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