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  1. As says title, see Apache Vhost files below. In Prestashop config, Shop domain : shop.internal.domain SSL domain : shop.internal.domain Base URL : / Redirect to the canonical URL : No redirection Disable Apache's MultiViews option : Yes Enable SSL : Yes Enable SSL on all pages : Yes shop.external.domain is a DNS alias to reverse proxy server. So https://shop.internal.domain is working fine But https://shop.external.domain fails in redirect loop I tried all fixes I found on this forum. I tried to set unencrypted HTTP everywhere, vhosts and Prestashop. http://shop.internal.domain was working fine. I tried to set URL http://shop.external.domain everywhere in Prestashop config and Vhosts. On Reverse proxy Vhost, it requires a line in its hosts file to resolve shop.external.domain to Prestashop server. From reverse proxy itself, https://shop.external.domain was working fine by connecting directly to Prestashop server using the local host resolution above. All this actions gave the same results : redirect loop when trying https://shop.external.domain or http://shop.external.domain I'm struggled on this problem since days. What did I missed ? Can somebody help ? Or is Prestashop not compliant with reverse proxying ? Thanks a lot. Apache Vhost on Prestashop Server Apache Vhost on Reverse Proxy Server
  2. I have the same pb ? the following content is blocked :
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