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  1. Hi Friends, This is a thought which comes to my mind many times as we have been using Prestasop (1.4.9) for last 3 years and our organic traffic is stagnant for almost an year. For many keywords, we have managed to have reached till 2nd and 3rd page. And we are there on 1st page for very few selected words. Many websites who are ahead of us on search results are built on Magento. And many articles on internet say that Magento is far better than Prestashop with respect to SEO. But no mention about how it is better. Would like to know if you have an answer for this? Also it would be great if we can discuss on various parameters where Prestashop is lacking as of now so that we can fill those gaps.
  2. Hi 1. Are your using SSL? If not, disable it so that it is redirected back to http 2. Did you implement robots.txt? 3. Did you activate Canonical URL?
  3. Hi, For our website, we have created landing page module with seo friendly urls. What we have found is this pages are indexed fast and already ranking well as compared to our category pages on which we put in a lot of SEO effort. Somewhere we felt it is the SEO friendly URL format that is affecting the ranking of these category pages. Our Landing Page url format - www.sitename.com/c/landing-page Categroy Page url format - www.sitename.com/31-category-name After comparing the url structure of our competitors, we felt the need to remove the category id or change the format. So we plan to execute the below - www.sitename.com/category/31/category-name Somewhere we feel that 31-category-name is considered incorrectly, affecting the SEO. Though friendly URL is just a part of many things to get URL ranked, but as compared to our landing page success, we want to give a try. I am bit confused whether to go for 301 redirect or canonical URL. Also want to know how to begin with. We have around 100 categories and so do not want to take risk with ranking of the pages. Thanks & Regards, Vineshkumar K
  4. Hey hii, I am also having the same issue. It would be great if someone can help to resolve the issue. Thanks
  5. Dont know whether it will meet your requirement exactly. Add a new currency called Points and symbol as Pt and Decimals No. So instead of Dollar, Pt will be shown.
  6. Hi Shokinro, I am very much interested in your modules [This as well as Seller Commission]. But before that I needed some info. 1. I want to display seller info on the product page. Currently I guess a new tab will be created which will show seller name, location and map. Instead I want to display seller name, logo, partial address info (no map). There will be a link for seller's page [http://prestasite/seller_name] and 4-5 latest products of the same seller being displayed in that tab. 2. Seller's page - Seller's name, logo, description, partial address. Product List of Seller just like we have for manufacturer. Categories handled by seller (not so important) 3. Contact Page - To get in touch with seller 4. Additional info while registering the seller. - Sellers personal website, facebook page, twitter page so that customers can reach them. 5. On home page, a block to display particular seller's products. 6. On home page, a block to display sellers list just like manufacturer's block. I would like to know how many of the above 4 requirements already there in your module. Some of them might require theme changes which I can manage. Just want to know which will require core file changes and what will be the additional cost for modification. It would be great if you can share demo link of both FO and BO of the latest version of module. Thanks and Regards Vinesh
  7. Hi friends, I wanted some changed in authentication file. Currently when user clicks on login, he is being made to register along with his address. At this point of time, the user has not decided whether to buy or not from the shop. Making the user share the additional information right at the beginning can be dangerous as he may walk out. When user has added few products to the cart and clicked on checkout, then asking him makes a point. Please have a look at below sites http://www.firstcry.com/login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fdefault.aspx http://www.letsbuy.com/login.php http://www.flipkart.com/ These are India's best etailing sites. So how do I make that part non-mandatory? That would require making changes in some javascript that checks whether values are entered or not. Any inputs will be highly appreciated.
  8. Hi Kanary, your problem is where it starts. But i want to change the position it ends. We have carts in 2 positions ie in right/left sidebar and other in header with just price and no. of products. I want the ajax effect to take the product to the header and not sidebar. As rocky mentioned in his first post about the place where to make the changes in ajax-cart file, I am not able to find that part in the file. so thats the issue.
  9. The above part 4 is for product tab. Just in case you want to display the new column 'shippinginfo' at some specific place use this {$product->shippinginfo}
  10. Part 4: Add new tab in product page your theme folder -> product.tpl Search for "<!-- description and features -->" Add {if $product->shippinginfo}<li><a id="more_info_tab_more_info" href="#idTab10">{l s='Shipping info'}</a></li>{/if} under <ul id="more_info_tabs" class="idTabs idTabsShort"> Add it where you want it to be, i mean tab position. I have given it last position and referred it as #idTab10 Next add {if $product->shippinginfo} <!-- shipping info --> <div id="idTab10" class="rte">{$product->shippinginfo}</div> {/if} after {if $product->description} <!-- full description --> <div id="idTab1" class="rte">{$product->description}</div> {/if} Note: This will place the new tab in your product page and also displays the data In case, this doesnt work out reply back. Also would like to warn that you will loose the changes made when you update. But the process is simple and you can save money
  11. Part 2: Open phpmyadmin to alter table [prefix]_product_lang Insert a new column with the name you used in AdminProduct; in my case shippinginfo Use same properties as description in case you want text to be inserted. Part 3: Can be done in two ways - simple and hard Hard way: In case you dont understand what I have mentioned below, i will explain in detail Simple Method: Open Classes->product.php search for the word 'description' and copy the word/line and change it with 'shippinginfo/your keyword'. I have noted down the instances where you need to make changes. /** @var stringShipping Info */ public $shippinginfo; protected $fieldsValidateLang = array( 'meta_description' => 'isGenericName', 'meta_keywords' => 'isGenericName', 'meta_title' => 'isGenericName', 'link_rewrite' => 'isLinkRewrite', 'name' => 'isCatalogName', 'description' => 'isString', 'shippinginfo' => 'isString', 'description_short' => 'isString', 'available_now' => 'isGenericName', 'available_later' => 'IsGenericName'); $fields[$language['id_lang']]['shippinginfo'] = (isset($this->shippinginfo[$language['id_lang']])) ? pSQL($this->shippinginfo[$language['id_lang']], true) : ''; Note: Till this part is for the backend i.e. When you add/update product.
  12. Part 1: In admin->tabs, open file adminProducts.php [PS1.4.5] Add following piece of code in line 2870, make changes as per your requirement to text in color tag. echo '<tr> <td class="col-left">'.$this->l('[color=#006400]Shipping & Payment Information[/color]:').'<br /><br /><i>('.$this->l('appears in the body of the product page').')</i></td> <td style="padding-bottom:5px;" class="translatable">'; foreach ($this->_languages as $language) echo ' <div class="lang_'.$language['id_lang'].'" style="display: '.($language['id_lang'] == $this->_defaultFormLanguage ? 'block' : 'none').';float: left;"> <textarea class="rte" cols="100" rows="20" id="[color=#008000]shippinginfo[/color]_'.$language['id_lang'].'" name="[color=#006400]shippinginfo[/color]_'.$language['id_lang'].'">'.htmlentities(stripslashes($this->getFieldValue($obj, '[color=#008000]shippinginfo[/color]', $language['id_lang'])), ENT_COMPAT, 'UTF-8').'</textarea> </div>'; echo ' </td> </tr>'; Will take some time to come up with part 2 as i forgot how i did last time, but i m checking
  13. Hi, I do not find the transfer code in ajax-cart.js file. Using PS 1.4.5
  14. You need to work on order-steps.tpl file and corresponding css to make that happen. Share ur shop link so that can give more info
  15. Hey I am using PS 1.3.6. Hope this helps Add the below in order-confirmation.php file $summary = $cart->getSummaryDetails(); $customizedDatas = Product::getAllCustomizedDatas(intval($cart->id)); Product::addCustomizationPrice($summary['products'], $customizedDatas); $smarty->assign($summary); Then add the below in order-confirmation.tpl file {displayPrice price=$shippingCost} OR {displayWtPriceWithCurrency price=$order->total_shipping currency=$currency convert=0} Just check which one of the above 2 works for you.
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